10 Things You Can Accomplish When You Take Your Coffee To Go

There is nothing better than the rich, aromatic smell of freshly brewed coffee, well, other than that first sip. That first delicious, flavorful sip that brings color to your cheeks, a bounce to your step and inspires some to channel their inner superman.

And that’s just one sip. Think about what you can do when you take that magical drink out into the world. Here are some ideas:

  1. Finish a HIIT workout before work: Even the name, “high intensity interval training,” sounds stressful. But there’s nothing you can’t do when you take your best friend and motivational speaker (coffee) with you. After you settle into your daily workout the endorphins might keep you coming back (no, you’ll still need coffee).
  2. Swim in a waterfall: Get your workout in a cooler way by channeling your inner Michael Phelps and taking to the water. But don’t stop there, a pool or lake isn’t epic enough for you now — a waterfall should do the trick.
  3. Survive shuttling your kids to school at 7 a.m.: Ah, the daily routine of waiting in a school line before the sun has even risen, while your little ones whine in the backseat… literally why coffee was invented. Survive the moment with a bit of mindfulness and a whole steaming mug of joe. Bonus: you saved an extra five minutes of sleep by skipping the Starbucks line.
  4. Fight for a raise: With a warm mug of coffee in your hands, you might finally be brave enough to take the piece of career advice you read about months ago. Drink a sip, take a breath and make the ask.
  5. Make your new best friend at the grocery store: Coffee makes you happy. Happy people attract happy people. It’s basically physics.
  6. Reread the entire fifth Harry Potter book (“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”): It’s the longest at 870 pages and is littered with foreshadowing the movie leaves out (The locket anyone?). Be the envy of your nerdy friends and read the important installment in one sitting.
  7. Go to the DMV: Cruel and unusual without coffee, just cruel with it.
  8. Relax by the beach (or in the park, or on a trail): There is nothing more peaceful than sitting down with a mug of coffee (or two, or three) in the morning. Take your daily me time one step further and enjoy a serene moment surrounded by nature.
  9. Try scuba diving: It’s a whole different world 30 meters under the sea. Maybe it’s time you explore it. (And if you don’t live near a sea, try scuba-ing in your local pond. You never know what you might find.)
  10. Be the Pinterest parent you’ve always wanted to be: Take photographs of your baby in a pumpkin, plan a themed movie night or don matching jackets and set out on a hike. When you have energy, the #Instagrammoments are endless.