Customer Comments

Amelia H., Corning, NY

This is absolutely one of our favorite testimonial of the Table Top French Press Coffee Maker!

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I absolutely love my table top press. When my boyfriend moved in, my one cup press wasn’t going to cut it, so I went to a local coffee shop (Market Street Coffee & Tea in Corning) and made myself shell out the $ for the big 48 oz version. This was a year ago. Almost every day since, when I pour a steaming hot cup of coffee 2 or 3 hours after my first cup, I literally say out loud, “I (F-ing LOVE this french press.” (Pardon my french). To this day, I am IN LOVE with this french press. Thank you guys for making this best thing ever. Plus, Missoula is AWESOME. Stay true to what you do best & you’ll have me as a customer for life.