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Montana-Based Coffee Company Planetary Design Goes Off the Beaten Path with a Unique Approach to Sales in the Digital Age

Missoula, Montana (USA) – Parker Meadows has a passion for being active. From treks across Europe, to building fences under the stifling Georgia summer sun, to family visits at the off-grid family cabin in the mountains of the Virginia/West Virginia state line, Meadows has spent much of his life either working or traveling. And sometimes both at the same time. So, it’s no surprise that Planetary Design, a Montana-based company that prides itself on designing products for pursuing life’s passions, is sending him out on the road again. But this isn’t your normal business trip. Meadows will spend the next two years traversing highways, byways, one-ways and perhaps some dead ends, taking in the scenery but more importantly going old school with his sales technique.

Planetary Design has long been intent on sharing their adventure-worthy coffee gear with the people who inspire them–van lifers, travelers, overlanders, converted school bus dwellers, and outdoors people from all walks of life. “We love the adventure the outdoors gives us, so we decided to get our brand out on the road to meet with the passionate and adventurous and live our mission – passions pursued and brewed. The BruTrek Road Rig is the perfect urban and rural crossover rig to take our message to our customers.” says CEO, Jess Nepstad. They wanted to find a way to share their gear with these people, and that’s when the idea came to fruition: What if they could have someone on their team actually go out and live this concept? Nepstad immediately approached Meadows, who he had taken to a trade show early in his tenure. After seeing the way he interacted with so many people, Nepstad immediately knew Meadows should be out of the office and in front of people. “I didn’t know it was coming,” Meadows explains. “I think Jess knew I was a good fit for this because I didn’t have many ties, and I love to travel.”

Nepstad’s plan was to send Parker on the road as a full time BruTrekker. They set him up with a home on wheels, a custom converted Overlander truck that they call the BruTrek Rig, named after their BruTrek adventure product line. Over the next two years, Meadows and the Rig will be piling up many miles while taking in the scenery and the great outdoors this country has to offer. But it’s not all sightseeing; Meadows takes his weekly Planetary Design sales goals seriously. He’s already had some huge successes and personal victories, something he credits to their creative approach.

“This is about as old school as it gets,” he says. “You never really know how it’s going to go when you’re walking into a store to talk face-to-face. It’s not like an email, which you know they are likely just going to delete. They might take your literature and send you on your way, but so far everyone has received it really well.”

Meadows hit the road in February, which he admits was much sooner than he anticipated. He moved out of his apartment, advanced some bills to his roommates, gave away almost everything he owned, and began his new life on wheels. The results so far have been stellar. He’s exceeding his sales goals and making new business connections every day. “I always give my personal contact information to everyone I meet, not just a business card with a company email. I just want them to know that they can always get a hold of me,” he told me. He explained that it’s important to keep those lines of communication open since you never know how dots will begin to connect. It’s why he will be on the road for the foreseeable future, until at least 2020. Planetary Design is so excited about his journey the BruTrek Rig that they are planning to put a BruTrek 2.0 and maybe even 3.0 out on the road this year.

“When you take away the distractions and bring back more human connection in your life, you find that your daily interactions slowly become more wholesome and genuine, Meadows says. “I hope that this movement will inspire more people to do the same.”

If you’re interested in following Meadows’ journey along the road, he will be updating his Instagram @Bru.Trek and would love to meet up with you if you ever cross paths.



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Written by Josie Baretta