Travel Mug GroupWe came up with the idea of a Bring it Campaign to help coffee and tea shops not only promote Planetary Design products but to also assist companies in creating a perk, so to speak, for their customers!  The idea being that when customers purchase a Planetary Design mug from your store, each time they bring their tea or coffee mug back they get a monetary discount off their espresso, coffee or tea drink.  Not only does this save the shop money over all on disposable cups, it also begins to move our whole culture away from single use cups, the eco-friendly direction we should all be taking!  It’s a win-win-win.. Make Money, Save Money, and do the right thing for the environment.  We understand many shops already incorporate this type of coffee mug loyalty program both for Planetary Design products and just simply for reusable mugs.  Either way, please feel free to download, print and use the fact-sheet/POS .pdf below.

Click to view/save the PD “Bring It” pdf.

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