Customer Comments

Ashley, Bend, OR – on her Coffee Mug

I guess i must just be the queen of personification, or just crazy – but i’m really, really attached to my mug. I have a 20oz. purple coffee mug and not only do I take her everywhere but i find myself occasionally talking to her. Yup, she’s a she (as am I for what’s it worth) Not sure why – but maybe because she is ridiculously tough and rugged but somehow still just a little bit feminine (she is purple). Anyway, I’ve had her for a couple of years and lost her the other day which reminded me just how attached you CAN be to an inanimate coffee mug. Good news – I located her in the light isle of home depot where i recklessly set her down looking for a new sconce. Happy ending indeed – but a good reminder of how much i love this coffee mug. Thanks for making her double-walled and extra tough as well as good-looking. Not only does she keep my coffee hot for nearly the whole day but she also keeps me company. Thanks again!