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Coffee Pots Aren’t Just for Coffee

These days, whether you are backpacking, hiking, fishing, camping, hunting or perhaps all of the above; if you’re like many outdoor enthusiasts, you like your coffee or tea brewing technique to be easily accessible, light and practical in nature.  Planetary Design’s BruTrek line of adventure coffee and tea accessories make high-end quality brews available wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing.  All of the tumblers, presses and infusers are constructed with the highest quality, lightest and most durable materials available.  If all that doesn’t convince you of BruTrek’s awesome-ness, here are some innovative and thrifty ways you can use your product to save space, time and ultimately create a more organized and simple outdoor experience.


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Storage for Dry Goods

Big Sky Bistro French Press and Travel Mug

First up is the Big Sky Bistro French Press and Travel Mug, one of BruTrek’s most popular products.  Not only does this coffee creation machine serve as an exceptional French press, but it also contains and insulates the sweet caffeine-laden bean juice we all require to get going in the morning.  If you are a backpacking or camping enthusiast, items of utilitarian value are paramount to cutting pack weight and saving your back muscles.

The Big Sky French Press can also be used to safely store dry goods you want to have with you in the backcountry but you don’t want dusting all of your other gear.  By strategically placing a bag of pancake mix, coffee grounds or raisins; you will be able to save space in your pack or car and ensure that you won’t create a pesky mess and lose your food.  For those hiking or camping in bear country, the tight seal on the lid creates a more scent-proof container for your food than simply carrying your raisins in a pocket of your hiking pack.

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Watertight First Aid Kit

Adventure Tumbler

Following the Big Sky Bistro is our trusty Adventure Tumbler.  Our BruTrek line is designed with durability and functionality placed hand-in-hand, and the Adventure Tumbler is no exception.  While this tumbler isn’t being used to keep your liquid of choice delicious, and above all, hot as you’d like; it can be cleverly converted into a watertight container to store important things like first-aid supplies and medications.

Place your bandages, pain-relievers, antihistamines, alcohol wipes and butterfly sutures in a plastic bag; unscrew the lid; insert customized medical kit into the tumbler; close the lid and—voilà!  You have yourself an expertly crafted, near-waterproof first-aid kit that can seriously help you in the case of an emergency on the road or in the backcountry.


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Foraging Container

Infuser Mug – Tea Tumbler

Our Infuser Mug has been called many things—innovative, sleek, functional…but never useful in an impromptu berry picking session, until today.  If you have ever been in the situation where you have found yourself in the middle of the woods, in the middle of an Eden of huckleberries, with no container with which to harvest those sweet blue orbs into; you understand the relevance.  Pockets can hold only so many berries, and usually you just end up with stains on the insides of your favorite shorts.

When you aren’t using your Infuser Mug to brew your maté, chill your cold brew or infuse your choice of fruit or vegetable; consider using this specialized tumbler to store the serviceberries, raspberries, thimbleberries or the delectable huckleberries that you may find and forage on your many adventures.  If you’re feeling a little extra, throw some serviceberries and wild mint into your infuser to create a not-too-sweet and wildly refreshing drink curated from the mountains.


How Are You Using Your Planetary Design Products?

While this list may provide you with only a few ideas for innovative ways to use our BruTrek products, keep an open mind!  The stainless steel used in the construction of many of our presses and tumblers is restaurant-grade, meaning our products can store pretty much anything in them without transferring any semblance of scent or taste to your brews.  And don’t forget: we have products outside our BruTrek line made specifically for storage, too!

If you or your friends come up with any smashing new ideas for thrifty ways to use our BruTrek products, give us a shout!  We would love to hear from you.



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