Coffeeology 101 – Why French Press

Brewing coffee is such a marvelous affair.  A wonderful blend of art and science – and best of all the kind of art and science that’s drinkable.  There are numerous brewing methods but only a few have gained world-wide popularity and endured over time.  Without a doubt, the plunger method is the most time-tested and consistently yields the highest caliber brew.

Although the plunger method of brewing was also being developed elsewhere, it became so popular in France that most people refer to the technique as the French Press.

The press method has many attributes; it allows the user to control the flavor profile and fully appreciate the intricacies of each particular roast by controlling the brew time, water temperature and grind, assuring that each cup is perfect. These attributes are easily attained anywhere that hot water is available.  No flavor robbing paper filters to run out of, no finicky espresso machines, no percolator that uses the wrong water temperature… just a fresh cup of coffee, simple, convenient and consistently superb.

Our presses produce the best brewed coffee, a buttery richness that slides pleasantly off the tongue.  Pressing the coffee allows for more subtle layers of flavor, that are often missed in other brewing methods, to be experienced and enjoyed in full.  In fact, a coffee that is bland in a drip coffee maker will reach its full flavor profile in one of our presses.

Now, Planetary Design has considerably improved up both the form and function of this esteemed brewing method.  By redesigning the plunger mechanism that produces a cleaner cup and utilizing double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel for heat retention and durability, Planetary Design has brought this time-tested brewing method into the new millennium.

With a number of styles ranging from our award winning Double Shot to the 48-ouce Table-Top French Press, we have the right sizes available for any occasion and offer these styles in attractive fun colors that will compliment any décor or setting.

Step One: Add ground coffee, the appropriate grind (French Press which is slightly more coarse than drip) is critical.  Approximately 1 Tablespoon per 4 ounces of water.

Step Two: Pour hot, but not boiling, water over the coffee in such a way to saturate all the grounds.

Step Three: Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes.  Depress the plunger and Enjoy!

How to French Press Coffee

How to French Press Coffee