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Fall Drinks to Fill Your Cup

There’s More to Life than Pumpkin Spice

What comes to your mind first when you think “fall”? Piles of leaves in brown, yellow, red and orange; light sweaters and booties; maybe the MLB World Series; or, if you’re like us, sipping on warm drinks that feature flavors like pumpkin, apple, cinnamon and nutmeg.

At Planetary Design, we encourage coffee and tea in all forms, especially when they involve unique, seasonal tastes and flavors only found once a year — so we called up some of our favorite coffee spots to get the scoop on what’s brewin’ this fall. Though many of these coffee shops are local or regional, we listed the ingredients so they can be easily duplicated by your local barista, wherever you may be.

Fair warning: pumpkin will be mentioned once. But we promise to get it out of the way at the beginning and, trust us, this drink is worth it. Lucky for the few who don’t quite get the hype around the popular squash, however, we’ve found several other options outside of the anything pumpkin (and even a blend for the purists, too!).


Baked Pumpkin

Chai tea + pumpkin syrup

Here’s the pumpkin, as promised: “baked” and curated by one of our favorite local coffee spots, Liquid Planet. As we all know, Liquid Planet has a wonderful assortment of chai tea, and — in this drink — they combine their famous chai with pumpkin syrup to achieve a spicy fall taste. And the best news? During the month of October, a portion of each Baked Pumpkin sale goes to Watson Children’s Shelter, a charity dedicated to providing nurturing environments for children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Having only two ingredients makes this drink easy for coffee shops around the country to master — just ask!


Starbucks fall drink, Maple Pecan Latte, in clear mug with sugar topping.

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Coffee


Maple Pecan Latte

Espresso + steamed milk + maple syrup + pecan + brown butter

Starbucks is probably the queen of fall drinks, and they’ve certainly branched out following the success of their pumpkin spice latte. The Maple Pecan Latte is another great option during the harvest season, found internationally at a Starbucks near you!





Spiced Caramel White Mocha

Espresso + caramel syrup + white chocolate + spices

The Spiced Caramel White Mocha is a new, fall twist on the Salted Caramel White Mocha, a regular menu option at the regional coffee chain City Brew. A combination of several autumn flavors, this drink is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Apple Cider

Apple cider + spices

A classic! There are lots of coffee shops savvy with spices and organic products, so you’re sure to find a cider that brings you right back to your childhood days spent pickin’ apples off the orchard trees (if that was a thing you did).

You can also spice up your apple cider with the addition of rye whiskey or rum, if you’re not so into nostalgia and looking for something to really keep you warm through the season.



Fall cold brew drink, Snickerdoodle Cream, from City Brew Coffee in Montana. Pictured with autumn leaf.

Photo courtesy of City Brew Coffee


Snickerdoodle Cream Cold Brew

Cold brew + half & half + cinnamon flavoring + vanilla flavoring + caramel drizzle

Cold brew may seem like an odd choice for fall, but we all know some afternoons get a little toasty — especially if you accidentally overdressed to survive the chilly morning. So if you’re looking for something to cool you down (but still give you that festive feeling), the Snickerdoodle Cream Cold Brew might be your new favorite fall delicacy.





Candy Corn Latte

Espresso + caramel flavoring + butterscotch flavoring + vanilla

You thought the Snickerdoodle Cream was going to be the one that sounded most like dessert, didn’t you? Not quite. For the month of October, local coffee hut(s) Loose Caboose offers their Candy Corn Latte, which happens to be the recommended drink of the barista we spoke to over the phone. Sounds pretty yummy to us, too!


Label for Airto medium-roast coffee blend with chocolate, citrus & bakers spice. Featuring drawing of drummer Airto Moreira.

Photo courtesy of Drum Coffee Roasting


Airto Blend – Drum Coffee

African/Brazilian Drip Coffee Blend: chocolate + citrus + bakers spice

Finally, as promised, we have a recommendation for a lovely fall roast: named after famous Brazilian drummer Airto Moreira, Drum Coffee’s Airto Blend is a delicious cup for the autumn coffee drinker. Who needs the frills when you can enjoy fall flavors just as much straight up?

And the best news? This blend can also be ordered and shipped nationally!




Don’t Forget Your Mug!

Remember your travel mug and be rewarded: many coffee shops (Starbucks included!) offer a discount for bringing your own cup.

So grab your Adventure Tumbler and get sippin’… because we all know how quickly fall turns to winter (especially here in Montana) and these drinks may disappear at the end of the season!



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