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FLASK Coffee & Tea Brewer Debut

We are excited to (finally!) introduce a refined new French press coffee maker for home and office use, The FLASK by ethoz™. Beautifully designed with high-quality materials, The FLASK produces a rich, clean 17 fluid ounces of coffee and makes cleanup easy with a removable inner brewing chamber. It will be available for purchase Dec. 10, 2020, just in time for the holidays. Matching glass tumblers and a tea brewer will also be available soon under Planetary Design’s new ethoz™ brand.

“We’re excited to make our first foray into French presses for the home and office market,” said Jess Nepstad, CEO of Planetary Design. “We have a lot of experience over the past 15 years developing high-quality coffee gear for outdoor adventures, and now we’ve put that knowledge to use to introduce a French press for the indoors. The FLASK by ethoz™ delivers a very clean brew, makes cleanup easy and looks great in the process, with a rugged yet stylish design that’s emblematic of its modern-day Montana origins.”

The angular FLASK carafe is made of glass with a leather band around its neck for grip and aesthetic appeal. Its inner chamber allows for full-immersion brewing and easy cleanup. Add coffee grounds and near boiling water, wait, then press coffee through the one-way brew valve, which prevents over-extraction. Pour into a cup and enjoy. When finished, remove the inner chamber from the FLASK and a quick turn removes the filter and valve, then use the press rod to push the grounds into a compost or trash bin.

The Flask was originally developed as the first home brewing device by Brooklyn, New York-based Alpha Dominche, the maker of the Steampunk brewing system. Alpha Dominche unceremoniously ceased all operations at the end of 2018, leaving the Flask and other designs to gather dust. After reaching a purchase agreement at the end of 2018, Planetary Design began the long process of bringing the FLASK to market.

“Then we started uncovering all of the skeletons in the closet, if you will, and we found that the molds were not finished and certain design elements hadn’t been completed,” said Nepstad. “So we took over the project, kind of like taking over somebody’s midterm paper right at the end.”

With some final tweaks and refinements completed, and the original factory partner still on board, Planetary Design is now ready to launch the Flask as the inaugural product of its new ethoz™ line which will feature glass coffee and tea products.

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Backers of the original Flask crowdfunding campaigns can email info@planetarydesign.us, provide a screen shot of their backing email, and receive a coupon code good for 25% off a Flask plus get a pair of limited edition ceramic mugs.  If you are inclined to purchase 2 Flasks, we will throw in a FLASK T-shirt too. 

Purchases of the FLASK + ethoz™ Glass Tumblers or the ethoz™ Tea Brewer + Glass Tumblers will receive a 10% discount bundle discount on the Planetary Design website.

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