French Press Coffee for Health

Connoisseurs and experts have long extolled the advantages of coffee and tea for neurological and cardiovascular health, and the French Press method adds even more benefits.  The French Press design for making coffee and teas allows for the water to come in contact with the raw grounds and leaves without the need or use of a filter.  This causes the essential oils of coffee and tea to diffuse throughout the water, as opposed to being captured by a paper filter and removed.  Consequently, more antioxidants and nutrients end up in your coffee or tea in addition to the flavor.

Coffee aids in overhaul health by providing powerful protectants and supports vital defenses.  The compound Methylpyridinium has been found to reduce the risks of certain cancers and is found in liberal amounts in coffee. French Press coffee is especially rich in this compound and, due to the lack of filtration, can lower ones chances of oral, pharyngeal and esophageal cancers.

Coffee also contains lipophilic antioxidants and chlorogenic acid lactones, which helps in the protection of neural synapses by adding strength to the neuronal cells.  This can help decrease the long term risk of Parkinson’s disease and dementia, among others diseases.

There’s a reason as to why so many people start their day with coffee.  Coffee has been proven to decrease reaction time and improve short-term memory recall.  French Press coffee is the perfect concentrated, antioxidant rich solution aid for concentration, energy and recall in the morning.

Many coffee lovers praise French Press coffee because of its superior taste and quality drinkability.  It allows for the full taste and maximum benefits to be consumed without being filtered out and lost in a bleached filter.  If you love coffee, you’ll love French Press coffee.  It’s the perfect way to fully experience coffee the way nature intended.