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French Press on the Go!

Accepted as one of the best methods to make fresh brewed coffee, French Press Coffee makers are increasing in popularity. Modern design and materials now make it easier than ever to take your coffee maker with you no matter where you go. Durable and heat resistant, Planetary Design has some of the finest and most durable coffee presses and travel French press mugs on the market today.

Believed to be developed by a Frenchman around the end of the late 1800s, the French Press is considered one of the easiest methods to creating that perfect cup of coffee. As the story goes, a forgetful Frenchman boiled the water alone without the coffee grounds. Not to waste his work or fire wood, he put the grounds into a jar and poured the boiling water over them. The problem was that the grounds floated to the top as the coffee was brewing, which never makes for an appealing drink. He created a small screen which he used to press the grounds to the bottom of the jar, and thus creating the first cup of French Press coffee and creating the coffee press.

There are currently a wide variety of designs, makes and models of the French Press. From the classic and original glass-type models, to durable stainless steel models to light-weight travel press mugs of today, there is simply no shortage of designs. One of the most brilliant inventions is the Double Shot French Press Mug which allows you to make your coffee on the go AND store more grounds for a second cup later (thus the “double” shot). There is a hidden storage compartment in the bottom the “hides” either more coffee grounds, cream or sugar, cash, keys…. whatever. The double-wall insulated construction allows your beverage to stay hotter longer and keeps your hands cool. It also come with a spill resistant lid that not only prevents messy spills, but keeps the heat in when you’re not taking a drink. One of the best aspects is it’s easy to keep, clean and maintain, whether you’re working, traveling or camping.

If you’re interested in making that perfect cup of coffee, try Planetary Design for your French Press Coffee Maker. Their selection includes a wide variety of stainless steel table top models as well as a few different travel French Press Mugs. More information can be found by visiting them at www.planetarydesign.com.