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Post on February 14, 2021 by Erin

Health Benefits of French Pressed Coffee

Health Benefits of French Pressed Coffee

Health Benefits of French Press Coffee

For a long time now, coffee enthusiasts have praised the health benefits of a daily coffee habit. But did you know that the way you brew your coffee can increase or decrease those health benefits?

It’s true— and French press coffee, which essentially a way to make coffee straight from the bean (no filter necessary), boasts numerous health benefits, more than the average cup of joe.

What is French press coffee?

The French press method for making coffee and teas allows the hot water to come in contact with the raw grounds, but then never passes through a filter. You actually will “press” out the grounds with the coffee press, leaving nothing but the coffee itself. This “filter-less” means by which to make coffee allows the essential oils to diffuse throughout the drink as opposed to being filtered out and removed by a traditional drip filter.

By skipping the filter, you’re creating a cup of coffee that’s richer, more caffeinated and full of antioxidants.

New Bru-Stop technology, a press screen that halts the extraction process, prevents over-extraction and bitter coffee (one common complaint about coffee from a French press is that if you leave it too long, it’ll become bitter). With Bru-Stop, you get all of the health benefits, without any determinants.

Why is French Press Coffee a healthy choice?

French press coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine, and caffeine isn’t only good for waking you up; it has also been linked to improve your health. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that in participants 65 years of age and older who consumed a high amount of caffeinated beverages, lowered their risk of Cardiovascular diseases and heart disease mortality (compared to their less caffeinated counterparts).

Moreover, increased caffeine consumption has been shown to lower your risk of neurological conditions. In an article published in the scientific journal, Biochemical Society Transactions, scientists found a strong correlation between caffeine consumption and the slowing down of cognitive decline in the elderly. Meaning— they found that caffeine reduces the risk of developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, the chlorogenic acid lactones and lipophilic antioxidants found in French press coffee, aids in the protection of neural synapses by strengthening the neuronal cells, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. So the double whammy of high caffeine content and the presence of important antioxidants (that are filtered out during other brewing methods) makes French press coffee an important ally in protecting your neurological health.

Another benefit is the existence of Methylpyridinium—a compound found in liberal amounts in coffee. The compound can help reduce the risks of certain cancers, including oral, pharyngeal and esophageal cancers.

There’s no question as to why so many people use coffee as a part of their morning routine, and a coffee press is the healthiest (and tastiest) way to make this popular drink. Proven to improve attention and information processing and improve long term memory recall, French press coffee is the perfect antioxidant rich solution for concentration, energy and recall while you’re trying to start your day.

As if you needed any more reason to spend your morning with a delicious, rich cup of coffee.