How to Make French Press Coffee Outdoors

One of the best ways to live life to the fullest is to go camping. Hiking, camping and road trips allow us to explore this amazing world we live in, but who said we have to give up our favorite luxuries while we sightsee?

The way we see it, coffee is a necessity while traveling. That is why we created the perfect outdoor French press. Not only is our French Press made for the great outdoors, but it doubles as a heat-retaining carafe as well.

Here at Brutrek, we know good coffee is important when you don’t have access to a regular kitchen. We make our coffee presses for travelers and explorers like you.


The Easiest Way to Make Perfect French Press Coffee While Camping

Our OVRLNDR travel press and our BaseCamp travel press are easy to use. Mornings can be hectic enough, but our travel presses make life less complicated so you can get to what really matters: drinking amazing coffee no matter where you are.

Our intuitively designed French presses require only a few simple steps. Unlike pour-overs, you don’t have to be a barista to brew tasty French press coffee. Simply add coffee grounds and hot water to the French press’s carafe and wait 4-5 minutes.

Depending on how bright you prefer your coffee, you might want to brew for a longer or a shorter amount of time. The less time coffee brews, the more likely it is to taste sweet and tangy. The longer coffee brews, the more likely it is to taste robust and bitter.

Once the coffee is brewed according to your preference, simply push the press assembly down to separate the grounds from your delicious coffee. Bru Stop technology will prevent further extraction, so say goodbye to bitter French press coffee. Another bonus of using a BruTrek travel press is that once your coffee is brewed, you do not need to transfer it to a thermos. One less dish you need to clean!

How to make strong cup of French press coffee using our travel press:

1. Add the proper amount of medium coarse ground coffee to the press. The amount of grounds will depend on the size of the coffee press. We recommend a ratio of of 1-2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every 6 ounces of water depending on how strong you like your brew.

2. Heat proper amount of water to about 90.5 ℃ (195 ℉). You want the water just off-boil – if the water is too hot it will scald your grounds.

3. “Bloom” the coffee by adding a small amount of hot water to the grounds and let sit for 30 seconds. This allows the grounds to release carbon dioxide before brewing.

4. Pour the rest of the water into the travel press and gently stir for about 10 seconds. Screw on the lid with the top popped open and the press assembly extended. Let it brew for 4-5 minutes according to strength preference.

5. Once the brewing period is over, push on the plunger lid until it hits the bottom of the carafe.

6. Drink your coffee straight from the travel press!

Following these steps will help you brew your first cup of BruTrek travel press coffee, and we guarantee that once you’ve tried it, it won’t be your last.

BruTrek’s sturdy stainless steel travel press keeps your freshly brewed coffee hot for hours. Designed for brewing coffee outdoors, these travel French presses are easier to use than most brewers.

All BruTrek travel presses serve delicious, café-grade coffee under any conditions. A travel press helps to simplify mornings while brewing better quality coffee than a basic French press.

Why Are BruTrek Travel Press Filters Better?

One of the biggest problems we face when brewing French press coffee are the small grains of coffee that escape the plunger filter. These small granules continue to percolate and flavor the coffee after it is brewing, which can make the coffee bitter.

Here at BruTrek, we value the quality and flavor of our coffee. That is why we have designed a better French press. Our travel press’s filter plate creates a physical barrier that prevents those small grounds from escaping. We call this Bru Stop technology. Once pressed down, it physically halts the extraction process, so your French press coffee will not continue to extract and taste bitter the longer it sits in the carafe. In addition to this plate, we use a finer screen and a gasket surrounding the press to prevent the small particles from making their way into your coffee.

By using a better filter plate than other brands, our travel presses brew tastier coffee that won’t get bitter while it waits for you. Don’t let your coffee rush your adventures. When you use our travel presses, you can enjoy rich-tasting coffee whenever you want.

The Best Way to Drink Coffee While Camping

BruTrek French presses were designed for travel, which means they can take a beating. We know that for the hardcore adventurers out there, nothing can get in the way of your exploration. That is why we made our travel presses extra durable.

Our BaseCamp and OVRLNDR travel presses are incredibly sturdy. Made with 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel, BruTrek coffee presses will not break easily. These travel coffee presses are created for hikers, car campers and overlanders alike.

Here at BruTrek, we believe that you can experience life to the fullest and brew perfect coffee at the same time. All of our travel presses, tumblers and camp cups will endure any adventure, just like you.

How to Clean Your French Press

French presses are remarkably easy to clean, which is one of the reasons they are so popular with car campers and overlanders. Cleaning is even easier with the OVRLNDR travel press. Their removable bottom makes disposing coffee grounds even easier.

The bottom line is that our travel presses repel long-lasting odors. They are stain-proof, easy to clean and almost entirely mess-free. By making the brewer’s carafe a heat-retaining tumbler, that is one less dish you need to wash.


Here at BruTrek, we believe that you should never have to give up your passions for comfort. That is why we created a line of compact and durable travel French presses that are simple to use.

Not only do our travel presses require absolutely no electricity or running water, but they are incredibly easy to clean and store as well. By making your French press double as a coffee tumbler, you can jump straight to what’s important: drinking amazing coffee in beautiful places.

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