Customer Comments

Kevin B. – Frankfort, KY on the stainless steel French Press

“Let me just say that this thing is wonderful. Over the years I have brewed cup after cup of great tasting fresh ground (fare trade) coffee from our small town local coffee shop. I get many compliments still to this day on this old press. It is like an old friend and tags along with me every day to work and occasionally on family vacations and weekend adventures. It is a loyal old friend at that. I had (or have) a tendency to set things, mostly drinking vessels, on top of my vehicles. This old coffee press has not been an exception to this rule. It is a very convenient spot to set these things but lacks a bit in function while in motion. This press has taken many a tumble from the top of my vehicle to the pavement with nary a complaint. The kids have grown accustomed to witnessing this event from time to time. I recall one day this Wasabi green flash darting from the roof of my Jeep and off to the right and down towards the pavement. It proceeded to travel down East Main Street in Frankfort Kentucky at what appeared to be a relatively safe rate of speed. It then took a quick left and stopped quite nicely in a vacant parking lot. The kids were like dad, there goes your coffee cup, with the least bit of enthusiasm and a slight chuckle. It seems I have a natural way of amusing them with just my day to day. We turn around and pick up our daring old friend. I dust him off and find once again a scuff here and a ding there, he is still quite well. I plan to hang on to this old press. If it should ever some day meet its fate, it will not be difficult to decide where to look for a replacement. I will look to Planetary Design with great confidence that it can equally be replaced. However, if I were pressed to do this today I am not sure I could decide on one thing. Which color would I get? “