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Living La Sustainable Life

This guest post comes to us from Dianna Rose at Her Sustainable Life. Join her in living your best (sustainable) life!

I was born and raised in the capital of the world, the city of light, the big apple, the concrete jungle – New York City. Apart from the few sustainable practices, my family carried with them to America from their home of birth in Jamaica, West Indies (ie: saving orange peels and drying them to make tea later on), I knew absolutely nothing about living a sustainable life. It wasn’t until my second year at Hofstra University, that I was formally introduced to sustainability through an elective class and would later switch my major from Pre-Med studies (I was going to become a Doctor) to Community Health. I realized that there was so much work and education that needed to be shared within my community and that ideals as simple as reusable cups and utensils were not at the forefront of the minds of the people I lived amongst. By committing to being the change I desperately wanted to see, family members and friends started to make simple switches all in the name of sustainability.

In early 2019, I launched the platform – Her Sustainable Life to educate and empower my community to live their best sustainable life. Even in a big, busy and bustling city like New York, sustainable practices and can be made and Planetary Design is surely helping me to drive that message home!