Customer Comments

Lyle M – Seattle – French Press Mug

“As I was sipping my fabulous-tasting coffee from my cool school-bus yellow french press mug, I thought I should pass along my appreciations. This mug is great in every way. It makes great coffee, it looks great, it keeps my drink warm. It’s super convenient, it never leaks grounds into the drink, it has that clever secret compartment (which I never use, but enjoy the concept). The handle is just right even for us lefties, hand-feel and balance are perfect. The lid is designed somehow to let me sip without burning my lips and never dribbles or leaks. The stainless construction is a plus for flavor and durability, it seems to be indestructible. Even the instructions were a delight. Here in Seattle, the coffee capitol of the world, one would have assumed it heresy to combine grounds, cream, and sugar prior to the brew. But lo! I can dump everything in, dash to the car and have great-tasting coffee on the go. Saves me $3 bucks a day in drive-up lattes. I’m saving! up for the home version and gifts. Thanks for a great product.”