Customer Comments

Michael – San Francisco – on AirScape coffee storage

There are some seriously funny folks out there – and Michael is certainly one of them – Thanks for this:
“I just showed my girlfriend my new AIRSCAPE coffee container and she sneered “Die Yuppy Scum!!! I suppose STARBUCKS isn’t good enough for SOME PEOPLE!!!” If that ain’t the Good HouseKeeping seal of approval, I don’t know what is?!!! I own a $500.00 home Expresso machine and drink Tempo Coffee’s Ethopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 kochere and I was missing something to show case it all. I mean, you don’t park a Bugatti Sports Car on a city street? And it wouldn’t be right to store my utra-premium Coffee in a used Folgers can, now would it?!!! Enter your AIRSCAPE container. Yes, it helps keep coffee beans fresher but I go through 12oz of coffee a week so freshness isn’t an issue. I bought your product for its affirmation value of my gourmond-ness. I am; Yuppie Scum. I am terminally HIP!!! Love your product!!!”