1. NEW Matte-finish Adventure Tumblers coming soon!
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    3/Apr NEW Matte-finish Adventure Tumblers coming soon!

    In just a few short weeks, we’ll be adding some awesome new colors to our Travel Tumbler family! They’ll all feature a slip-resistant matte finish, and with names like Wasabi, Red Rock, Blue Lake, Desert Orange and Obsidian, they’ll be your favorite go-to for on-the-go beverage consumption. Most colors will be available in our 20oz […]

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    What’s In Your Bucket? Uses for the Airscape® Bucket Insert

    What’s in your bucket? A simple question, with many answers!  Since the release of the Airscape® Bucket Lid Insert over a year ago, we’ve received lots of feedback, tried experiments, and discussed many different ways to utilize the Airscape® Bucket Lid with many different sizes and types of buckets. Here are just a few ways […]

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  3. The AirScape Bucket Insert Lid hits Kickstarter!
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    13/Oct The AirScape Bucket Insert Lid hits Kickstarter!

    We love Kickstarter!  What better way to reach out to the end-user and get feedback before a product hits the market!  We’re very proud to announce that the AirScape Bucket Insert Lid (ABI) has been accepted and is on its way to a successful campaign!   Not only does this afford us a chance to […]

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  4. Sweatpants reviews the Table Top
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    6/Aug Sweatpants reviews the Table Top

    You know the Sweatpants folks love coffee so it’s no big surprise that they LOVE the Table Top French Press. They take it a whole step further though, they loved it so much they are giving one away to their readers/followers in a Facebook contest! Read the review and enter the contest here.  Imagine how […]

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    At the Fence Reviews the AirScape Kitchen Canister

    At the Fence recently wrote a great review of our Mocha Stainless Steel Kitchen Canister. They touch on something that’s often overlooked with the AirScape and that is taste and odor transfer.  Stainless steel resists any type of taste or odor transfer so you don’t have to keep using the same canister for the same ingredient. […]

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  6. By Skyla Sisco Customer Comments 0 comment 10/Feb
    John – Kuwait

    “The person that came up with the french press coffee mug should get free coffee for life. Thats planet wide! I have had one for 2.5 years. What a spectacular device! Just wanted to thank you for making life easier.” Thanks back to you John – in fact, we DO know who invented the French […]

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