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PD Staff Top Coffee Gear Picks (And Why)

Did you know we love Planetary Design coffee gear just as much as you? Of course, we’re surrounded by it practically every day of the week, we use it every day, we know every product, every feature, each color, size and variation. We each have our favorites. Here are just a few of our team’s favorite PD products, and why we love them.

William (Sales Sensei/Promotions Coordinator):  Steel Toe

He loves how insanely vacuum insulated it is, making it great for either (hot or cold) beverages. Plus, it’s a whopping 20oz, and the French Press is a wonderful way to mix cocktails or aerate a glass of wine.

Bob T. (Customer Care Specialist/Shipping): Double Shot

Bob is a huge fan of the Double Shot.  He can be seen brewing in it every morning. As a mostly decaf drinker the container for extra coffee is perfect for at work and on the road.

Jess (Partner/CEO/Motivator): Steel Toe

Jess says, “This great little French Press coffee making machine is my fave for sure. The Steel Toe fits easily in my suitcase, saddlebag, camp kitchen, cupboard and in my hand.  I have made the best coffee with my Steel Toe in nearly every state in the Country.  No suffering through bad hotel or c-store coffee – just a little hot water over my favorite beans and I am rolling.”

Dre (Website Developer Extraordinaire): Adventure Tumbler

Dre appreciates the Adventure Tumbler as a great traveling companion. It accompanies him all over the world. Durable, lightweight and it keeps his drinks hot & cold. Dre makes sure to put the “adventure” in Adventure Tumbler!

Kameron (Screen Printing Department Lead): Steel Toe

Kameron touts the Steel Toe as a wonderful 20oz French Press that treks with him all over the mountains of Western Montana. The concept is awesome: Wake up, make French Press coffee, and start trekking. Kameron uses his Steel Toe for coffee, beer & hot chocolate.

Bob B. (Company Historian/Operations Guru): Table Top French Press

Bob’s favorite is the 48oz Table Top Press (in Red Rock!).  He and his wife, Laura, use it every morning!  Whether they’re at home or camping, they always have that press with them.  It makes amazing coffee that is never bitter (thanks to the Brü-Stop) and keeps it hot until they have drained the whole pot.

Tim (Sales Associate/Marketing): Steel Toe

Tim’s favorite product is the Steel Toe travel press. Having the ability to make fresh French Press coffee whenever and wherever you are is amazing! And, it keeps beverages hot or cold for hours!


Parker (Brand Rover): Airscape®

Parker rocks the Airscape® in all it’s made-for-travel forms (stainless steel and Lite). Durable, air/humidity-free storage is paramount to storing goods when traversing the lower 48. No matter the place or climate, his beans (and granola/sugar/dry goods) stay fresh!

Rob (Customer Care & Shipping: Steel Toe

Rob says, “I’m a Steel Toe guy myself. Super simple–which usually means super durable–and user friendly. I like that it’s versatile too and can be used for French Press coffee or beer (or other lamer cold drinks). Also, it makes the perfect amount of coffee for two Planetary Design Camp Cups–which is usually just enough for camping with the better half.”

Erin (International Sales/Marketing): Table Top French Press

Erin appreciates how durable and well insulated the Brü-Stop French Press is. It is user friendly, and can brew up enough for one person, or 8 people, depending on the size. With the addition of the new textured paint finish, these are must-have item for brewing coffee at home, camping, road-tripping, and at the office.

What’s your favorite Planetary Design product? We always love to hear your feedback, as well as any ideas you have for making our products better. Get in touch anytime and let us know! Until then, keep on brewing!