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Planetary Design’s Bring it Campaign – stainless steel travel mugs

Here at Planetary Design we’ve always embraced the concept of environmental sustainability. Yes, we’re manufacturing stainless steel French Presses and Stainless Steel travel mugs, but by creating incredibly durable products that last for years we can eliminate, or at least limit, the number of single use products that hit our landfills every day and remain there for centuries. Our tumblers, mugs and presses can be used thousands of time yet it only takes 24 uses to surpass the extra manufacturing energy usage (versus the manufacturing of a single-use product). Add that to the fact that those thousands of uses aren’t leaving thousands of single-use cups in our landfills and it’s a no-brainer. It’s as simple as getting into the habit of taking your mug with you. Our society, however, has really taken hold of the convenience of single-use to-go cups so this becomes a difficult task. Consumers respond to what speaks to them and if the effects of the environment won’t then usually finances will, which was the impetus behind Planetary Design’s “Bring it Campaign”. The Bring it Campaign is simply a loyalty program for consumers to reward them for bringing in their own reusable mug. If you are a small cafe, coffee shop, bistro or restaurant please consider offering something a program like this. If you are a consumer, please take the effort to pack your mug for your morning brew, it all really adds up. We have a small Bring It Campaign poster with a fact sheet anyone is free to download and use or take information from available HERE.

Planetary Design Bring It Poster

Planetary Design Bring It Poster

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