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Press Release: Introduction

Press Release:  Missoula, MT, Sept. 9, 2007

Planetary Design is an innovative company dedicated to providing, preserving and perfecting the small things that make life more enjoyable.   The award-winning design team evolved the concept of French Pressing coffee into a line of nearly indestructible, stunning, stainless steel French press mugs and continued on to improve traditional Table Top French Presses, Drinkware, and Tea Brewers.  They then ventured on to create a new and improved air tight, vacuum sealed storage canister aptly called the AirScape due to hit the market by the end of the year.  Simply put, Planetary Design is bringing a true balance of form and function, style and purpose, into everyday living.  PO Box 8148 Missoula, MT  59807.  p1.888.327.9908  f1.406.728.6447.