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Post on July 20, 2021 by Sarah Kilbourne

The Tread features BruTrek in the Perfect Camp Kitchen


Alu-Cab camper door is open to show all the camp kitchen accessories.
Story by John Pangilinan


Nothing beats cooking under the open sky. Whether it’s preparing a few eggs in the morning to complement a cup of coffee or a hearty steak dinner to end a long day on the trails, cooking while camping is awesome. You don’t need to be a professional chef or have any culinary training to create an enjoyable and satisfying meal outdoors. With all the tools and gear available today, the comfort and convenience of a home kitchen is easy to find on adventure travels.

To help get started on building up a collection of gear or to add a bin already full of the essentials, we’ve compiled a list of items we feel help create the “perfect camp kitchen.”


Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning. It may not be convenient to bring a home coffee maker on the road, but there are many options to get your daily dose of caffeine without the need for electricity. Depending if you want more of a pour over, french press, or even espresso, there is a portable solution available for the perfect camp kitchen.

The Planetary Designs OVRLNDR Press is convenient, portable, and easy to clean. The great-looking system is durable and built for travel. For those looking for espresso on the road from the comfort of their car, AeroPress Go is an incredible all-in-one solution. It’s easy to use and packs down with all the tools in a simple container that doubles as a mug.

Hot water is key and there are a couple of options to get boiling water quickly outside of using a grill with a pot or kettle. We like the JetBoil system for its fast, efficient, and ultra-portable design, which can provide hot water in less than two minutes. The single-burner model is also a great for when traveling solo and you need to heat up quick meals.

A proper coffee mug or tumbler will ensure that your beverage remains warm. Typical ceramic mugs tend to break, so you’ll want to invest in something that will withstand moving around while stored or an occasional drop. We like the options by Hydro Flask, Pelican, and Yeti for their bulletproof strength and ability to retain heat. As for the coffee itself, there are plenty of great options depending on your tastes, but right now, we are loving the beans from Drive Coffee, and the packaging is a bonus.