Hot beverages for winter adventures are a game changer

For many of us, the decision to head outdoors to explore in the winter is made much more difficult with the addition of ice, snow and below freezing temperatures. Shorter days also require us to wake up earlier if we are to cram a full day’s worth of adventure into less than 10 hours of daylight (as opposed to over 14 hours in the summer months).

Luckily, packing or prepping a hot drink for your next outing is simple, and offers the perfect solution to warming up from the inside out. Whether you are looking for a caffeine kick to start the day, or a soothing blend of herbs to wind down after an adventure, here are a few tips for preparing the perfect hot beverage.

Another way to enjoy a hot beverage at the end of the day is by preparing it right at your vehicle. For the easiest way to a hot drink, boil some water using a tiny portable stove. Instant coffee packs or tea bags work best for the quickest and easiest access to a hot beverage.

Pour over coffee options are also a good bet — just don’t forget to pack the filters! But if you’re set on bringing the french press, check out Planetary Design’s new OVRLNDR Press, which simplifies the process and makes cleanup easy with its all-in-one design.

bru trek double shot winter hot beverages splitboarding
If you prefer to bring your drink along for the ride, shoot for a compact and insulated container, such as the BruTrek Double Shot. Photo courtesy of Planetary Designs