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Post on June 23, 2021 by Anne Davis

Planetary Design featured for BruTrek French press

Be Your Own Backcountry Barista With These Camping Coffee Makers

By Ryan Stuart

There’s no other luxury that gives comfort to the backcountry than being able to sip on a cup of freshly made coffee in the morning. For too long outdoorsmen were resigned to sadly pouring hot water into freeze-dried ground coffee crystals of dubious origin while off the grid. But now, with advances in brewing tech and lightweight, robust materials, you don’t have to be shruggingly satisfied with a weak cup of joe. You can easily prepare your morning mug of joe around the campfire with the same reverence of coffee at home using top-of-the-line camping coffee makers.

Whatever your preferred style of brewing—pour over, espresso, French press—you can rest assured your next outdoor coffee-brewing experience will be extra tasty thanks to an arsenal of camping coffee makers tough enough for the wilderness …


Planetary Design BruTrek French Press: The stainless steel plunger creates a physical barrier between 32 ounces of liquid coffee and grounds. With an insulated aluminum shell and spill-proof lid, nurse every precious drop without over-extraction bitterness or gritty final sips.