Airscape® Ceramic – Grab Bag


Grab a deal on these items before they’re gone!

This is a 100% functional and new Ceramic Airscape canister that has a small blemish or mis-printed logo. You will receive a random color Ceramic Airscape which may (or may not) have a logo. If you order two or more Airscape canisters, we will do our best to send you matching colors.

All sales of Grab Bag items are final, and coupons can not be applied to Grab Bag items. No substitutions, please.


Coffee Scoop

Designed to have heft, durability and delightful balance while fitting perfectly inside of your Airscape® Measures out 2 Tbs. (30 mL) of ground coffee or tea. Great for baking too. It’s the perfect scoop!



The Grab Bag  is a great way to grab an awesome deal on some fully-functional Planetary Design products, and help reduce product waste. You get to choose your favorite product and size, and we’ll select your product in a random color, perhaps with a mis-printed logo, maybe with a small scratch or blemish. Some items may be a discontinued style, such as the Double Shot 1.0, a butterfly lid Tumbler, or Bootcut french press mug. In all cases, your product will be un-used, new to you, and totally functional! A fun surprise, and you can feel good about keeping excess items out of the recycling bin or landfill.

All sales final on Grab Bag items. No substitutions, please.