Airscape® Pet, Treat & Food Storage Container


The Airscape® Pet features the same patented food-preserving technology as our other Airscape® products, in a stackable, durable, BPA and phthalatefree plastic container body.


  • Small: 4½” Wide, 3½” Tall
  • Medium: 4½” Wide, 7” Tall
  • Large: 4½” Wide, 10½” Tall
  • 3 Pack (one small, one medium and one large)


The Airscape® Pet treat & food preservation containers are made from a durable and BPA-FREE copolyester (#5 plastic), are stackable and square-shaped to save space, and are perfect for keeping dog, cat, or human treats super fresh for super long.

The Airscape® canisters go beyond being “airtight”, which locks air inside of the canister, to actively removing air, and extending the life of your perishable goods.  With Airscape®, you’ll keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too!

See How It Works

See How It Works



  • The patented valve forces air out, then locks the lid in place
  • Containers are made from a durable, BPA and phthalate-free copolyester
  • Durable construction resists scratching and staining
  • Dishwasher safe body, hand-washable inner lid
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