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The original French Press travel mug, designed with durability and portability in mind, to help you make the perfect cup of coffee or tea wherever your adventures take you.

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Adventure Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Big Sky Bistro 16 fl.oz.
Double Shot 16 fl.oz.
Infuser Mug - Tea Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Desk Press 20 fl.oz.
Steel Toe 20 fl.oz.


Redesigned in 2017 with an improved French press plunger design and some very hip graphics, the Big Sky Bistro maintains all the great features that made you fall in love with the original version released 25 years ago. It’s back and better than ever. Durable? Check. Super lightweight? Check. Portable and functional? Check and check!

Designed in Montana’s mountains by people who take coffee as seriously as the places their coffee takes them, the Big Sky Bistro is just as comfortable on your office desk as it is on the tailgate of your pickup truck. Insulated, BPA-free hard plastic construction ensures that your beverage of choice stays warmer longer without breaking the bank. It is durable enough to emerge unscathed from any unintentional falls, and its built-in French press plunger means no more suffering through those little packets of instant coffee.

And sometimes you just need a great looking mug – easily remove the French press plunger assembly and get rolling with your Big Sky Bistro Mug. Happy Trails.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Big Sky Bistro

  1. John Nelson

    Absolutely AMAZING! I have had my Big Sky Bistro coffee press since about 1993. I have used it on hunting trips to Alaska, river tips in Idaho, and everyday in between. In fact I’m drinking out of it as I,writing this review. Honestly, I bought mine at REI about 25 years ago. I use it every day! Buy the best you will always be happy with it.

  2. Agnes Stahlschmidt

    I absolutely love my French Press. I have been using one since 2006. I purchased my first one in Homer, AK. I carry it with me and get so many compliments. “It’s a walking advertisement”!

  3. Brittney

    I am obsessed with this French press. I bought it while in Jackson at a coffee shop in August and have used it every day since. Just bought one for each of my family members. I am not a big fan of Christmas but this is a worthy gift!

  4. Bob

    I own one of the originals from many years ago. Still in great shape. Great for travel. And I use mine at home. Nothing beats French Press coffee and it makes enough for my morning coffee needs and keeps it warm for a couple of hours. Highly recommended

  5. Mary Herrick

    We got our first Big Sky Bistro cups for whitewater rafting when they first came out in ’93. Still have the originals – scarred, faded, fully functional after many trips on the Selway, Middle Fork, Smith, Rogue, Grande Ronde, Bow, Deschutes, & others I’ve likely missed. Survived years of car camping, kayaking, quick coffee fixes at home, you name it. We’re too old for whitewater now, but will always have these presses. (Also have 2 sets of the metal ones for our RV & winter home!)

  6. Pamela Taylor

    I have had two Big Sky Bistro press and travel mugs for so long I dont remember when or where I bought them. I had them on a trip on the Thelon River in the barren lands of Canada in 2002 and many smaller trips before and after. I loaned them to a nephew for a trip into the Mackenzie mountains of the Northwest Territories, I recently took them on a cross country (Canada and US)road trip in a camper. This morning my coffee pot is broken so I dug them out again! As I sip perfect brew from my beat up old cup I thought I should see if I can find more for a birthday present for my husband. How happy I am to find you are still out there making this superior product. Life is simple when you can brew and drink from the same nice big vessel. I will order my husband a new one but the old ones will still be in use too. Great product, useful and practical, works well, lasts forever!

  7. Jeff Ryan

    Bought mine in 1993 and it’s still going strong. 25 years on the AT, New England Trail, Midstate Trail, North-South Trail and a bunch of others. Mine’s so old the label’s worn off. But the coffee rocks my world. I carry a spare (non French Press) lid, so I can use the mug for lunch and dinner soups, stews and mac. Buy one. You won’t regret it!

  8. Scott

    Bought my BSB +-20 years ago and it still works to perfection. I pack a zip-lock bag with enough coarse grains of my SB Sumatra for a large cup for each morning on the trail inside the mug and in the pack it goes. No cup of coffee quite as good as the one you fix after climbing out of a tent on a crisp fall morning, especially made in a coffee press!

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