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The Planetary Design Infuser Mug is perfect for tea, cold-brew coffee or fruit-infused water.

  • 16 fl.oz.

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Infuser Mug - Tea Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
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As a tea tumbler, our infuser mug solves the main issue with nearly every other tea mug; the ability to brew tea and stop the infusion process without having to remove the tea from the mug.  Designed with a fine mesh filter and patented infusion-stopping chamber, the Planetary Design Infuser Mug brews a perfectly clean cup of tea without the worry of over-steeping (which can cause bitterness).  Once the plunger is pressed, the tea leaves are compressed into a solid chamber and away from the water.

To use, simply place a desired amount of loose-leaf tea in the Infuser Mug basket.  Pour hot, just-before boiling water over the leaves.  (Boiling water will scald the leaves.)  Add cream or sugar at this point if you like!  Place the tea infuser press assembly on top and twist into the locked position.  Let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes depending on desired taste and the type of tea being used. Press down the plunger, sip carefully, and enjoy!

The Infuser Mug also works great for making your own cold-brewed coffee or fruit infused water.  Simply place a few scoops of coffee grounds (or fruit pieces, fresh mint, basil, cucumber, etc.) into the infuser basket.  Pour clean filtered water into the mug, and let steep in the refrigerator overnight.  The result is a customized, deliciously smooth cup of cold brew or healthy fruit-infused water, ready to go wherever you go!

The double-walled, vacuum-insulated, restaurant-grade stainless steel construction of the Infuser Mug gives it phenomenal insulation properties and incredible durability, making it a very versatile and low maintenance travel companion.  Stainless steel is also naturally BPA-Free and doesn’t impart flavor.  Hence, you can enjoy a nice cold-brew coffee in the morning, and a delicate Oolong tea in the evening without taste transfer.

Brew, press, sip and enjoy – all in the convenience of a single brew and go Infuser Mug!

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Infuser Mug – Tea Tumbler

  1. Nancy

    There are two things I love – my hot tea in the morning and a cold brew coffee in the afternoon. Well, welcome to my world.. This is the best product I have purchased for myself in a long , long time.

  2. Julie

    Absolutely the best tea travel mug for staying hot. You do have to be careful not to snap the flip up lid part off by being too rough.

  3. PD Admin

    Hi Julie,
    We would be happy to send you a replacement lever or complete lid if your lever has broken off. Please send me your address to and we will get one headed your way.
    Thank you for your comment!
    Bob Ballengee
    Operations Dir.

  4. Todd

    I love this mug. Best mug I have used and I have tried a few. Been working perfect until the ring on the top of the press basket separated (to lightly soldered?). Called and is being replaced as I write this. Awesome! Back in business soon. I used for hot in the morning and remove the press basket and use for cold in the afternoon.

  5. Elena

    I got this mug over a year ago in a coffee shop in seattle. Because i live on the east coast we dont reallt have these type of things. I thought the mug was pricey until i started to use it. It brews a perfect cup of tea and keeps it hot for hours! I havent tried using coffee yet in it but i may give it a try for my next trip to Pittsburg. Oh and since its close to Christmas this would make an excellent gift for the tea or coffee lover im your life!

  6. Ashton August

    As someone who’s obsessed with tea, the Tea Infuser has become my new best friend. I take it everywhere with me! It’s a beautiful design, I get tons of compliments, and best of all – it allows me to brew my favorite loose leaf tea on the go. LOVE IT!” – Ashton August (Founder of

  7. HG

    This mug is one of the best gifts I have received in a long time. I really works as described, and keeps perfectly brewed tea hot (not lukewarm) for a long time. And no straggly little tea leaf pieces floating anywhere.

  8. Silvia Feldman

    I bought this tea tumbler in one of my vacation trips in Vermont. The sleek design of the brushed steel tumbler cough my eye and I have to buy it because I thought it would serve my purpose to carry my coffee or tea in my car. The lid is perfect to drink the coffee without spilling it all over my lap, great for early mornings long trips. I honestly loved it so much, I bought one for each of my 4 sisters and they are very pleased with my gift. Its a bit pricey, but worth every penny. Thank you Planetary Design for making such great products..

  9. Jeanne Hines (verified owner)

    These Tea Tumblers are the best thing ever! We regularly use them for my herb blend teas and they keep the tea hot for a very long time. I would panic if something happened to any of the three I own.

  10. Theresa Anderson

    Best tea tumbler EVER! I’ve had mine for over 3 years now and still love it. It is easy to use and clean and it keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. I can make several cups of green tea while at work (the second pouring is always the best!) and enjoy my own brew throughout the day.
    I am buying a new one today to give as a gift. Mine is still in great shape though the flip lid has broken twice. That said, Planetary Design stands behind their products so that if a part does break they replace it immediately. Great tea tumbler, great company!

  11. Josh feinberg

    I love this mug! My wife and I each purchased a mug and I cannot say enough good things about it. Super easy to clean, keeps drinks warm ( I assume it would do the same with cold), great feel in your hand..just the best. Only worry that they will stop making them and I won’t be able to buy a replacement when the time come..I’ve had it for 5 years now and it’s still sturdy and works..

  12. John

    This is, hands down, the best mug I’ve ever owned. I use it every day at home and on the road. It fits in the car cup holders which is key.

    The two best features of the cup are its ability to keep the tea or coffee hot for hours and its brew stop technology which prevents bitterness in the brew.

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