Double Shot with Bru-Stop™

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Newly re-designed with spill-proof press/drink lid, durable textured paint finish, and laser-welded handle, the new Double Shot also features Bru-Stop™ press technology for a perfectly smooth brew, anytime, anywhere! Lid can be attached for left or right-handed drinkers.

  • 16 fl.oz.

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Mug Sizes

Mug US
Adventure Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Big Sky Bistro 16 fl.oz.
Double Shot 16 fl.oz.
Infuser Mug - Tea Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Desk Press 20 fl.oz.
Steel Toe 20 fl.oz.


The Double Shot has come a long way over the years.  In this newest release, we’ve kept the essentials, like the trusty, dual-purpose drink & press lid, and ever popular built-in storage container, and added some killer new features. Namely a layer of vacuum insulation to keep your brew hot for hours on the trail or at work, a virtually indestructible laser-welded handle with caribiner clip, and a grip-worthy textured paint finish with outdoor inspired graphics to embolden you to get out there!

Did we mention the lid is spill-proof too? It can be positioned to satisfy both left and right-handed drinkers.

The only thing we hope you’ll love more than brewing your perfect cup of coffee or tea, are the places you’ll go to get brewing.

Don’t forget to pick-up a sticker 4-pack to decorate your Double Shot, and the new CarGo Can for a serious upgrade!

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Double Shot with Bru-Stop™

  1. Tom

    I’m from Toronto, I spent the last few months looking for a travel mug that would go with me everyday and for the fun times during my portaging, and ice fishing. I really did do my digging. I created a must have list… A mug that keeps coffee hot for a long time, a French press is a must as I only drink salimbene espresso, but I make americano’s as I love to sip my coffee.

    After searching far and wide reading several mug reviews from bloggers it led me to planetary design.
    You had me at Bru stop and blew me away with the storage compartment!

    I’ve now had this mug for about a month, in blue and orange. Coffee is always hot (don’t go crazy sipping your same cup for 6 hours but 3 should hold you if not a little more).

    The handle is solid, the Bru stop is great the coffee does not steep or become bitter once the French press is pressed. The lid screws on multiple points so you can change the handle position to suit a lefty or righty. The compartment will hold enough coffee for even 6cups if you include the first cup aswell.

    Not only does it work great I’ve had many people ask me about it just based on it’s good looks, and that’s a bonus.

    Research paid off. Hats off to you and my coffee has never been happier.

  2. Trent

    I really like all of the design improvements on the new double shot. The lid now screws on and has a spill-proof design that works well. The strainer now has a rubber o-ring which keeps all of the coffee grounds or tea leaves captured. The reserve compartment on the bottom of the cup has enough capacity to hold coffee grounds or tea leaves for quite a few cups of coffee/tea. Overall this cup is really nice and I will soon purchase another for my wife.

  3. Nick

    My wife needed a coffee solution for camping in our small Airstream. Taste and heat are important to her, taking up little space in a small trailer is important to me. We tried everything. From our testing, French presses make the best tasting coffee but lose heat fast. So we tried this mug. The coffee tasted as good as any french press but it excels in insulation. I’m still suffering from the burns on my tongue as I write this. Very hot and enjoyable even at the one hour mark. The filter in the press and lid keep out any bits of coffee and the handle is very comfortable. Great purchase and solved our camping coffee problems.

  4. Jill Johns

    Shut. Up. This tumbler is a complete bear. I got one with the cactus design to celebrate my love for Tucson. The filter is super stout, the lid fits tight and doesn’t dribble, the storage compartment is super super clever and because the press doesn’t taper it’s super easy to clean (even if you have big hands). I’m so in love with this press!

  5. krewzinken

    I’ve been using a double shot everyday for the last three years, it was given to me as a gift, and what a gift it was, as I type I’m in a hotel room sipping an amazing cup of pressed coffee instead of the dishwater tasting in room 4 cup auto drop coffee provided. I Drive a truck all over the country and it travels with me everywhere, I’m often asked about it when I’m sourcing a bit of “Free” hot water from a truck stop, and several of my friends have purchased them. It also travels with me when I’m not working on my motorcycle where it serves the same purpose, I can just use it like you would a desktop press, brew a cup and pour it into the paper hotel coffee cups and share with freinds! I use it to brew Coffee, Tea, and Maté… It works amazing for anything. If I had a complaint at all, it would be that the chrome coating on the handle has flaked off where the screws hold it to the mug and it’s started to rust just a bit…. Seriously not a big deal though. This press has brought me so much pleasure. It’s a must have for anyone on the go that likes GOOD brews and infusions!

  6. David Robards

    My niece got me the original version of this for Christmas 3 years ago. It was so good that I got 1 in red for my Filipina partner, 1 in green for my brother and a blue tea infuser for my nephew. I am about to get the new version for a hotel inn-keeper friend in Thailand in silver, as she requested. Thank you for making durable, trustworthy products that have been very popular in my inner circle.

  7. David

    Very well designed product. i work in a camp at a remote construction site and this thing does the treat for a good coffee. mainly been drinking right from the mug. i do find that the burstop does a decent job but the longer you leave the coffee the stronger it tends to get but that takes over an hour. Keeps heat well for the first few hours which is exactly what i want and is easy to clean. i don’t use the bottom storage too much probably more useful to hikers where you want to store some ground coffee before a trip.

  8. Eric Beauchea

    I picked this up at overland expo east in 2019. This is by far the best coffee mug out there. It’s quick and I can make coffee ANYWHERE. The trick is to not let the water boil. This will make it hot enough to steep the coffee but cool enough to drink. I’ve been re using this over and over again and put my more expensive mugs to the side. Outstanding innovation!

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