Overland Band Bundle


This compact and durable bundle includes a small/4″ and medium/7″ Airscape® Lite secured together with the handy Overland Band.

Airscape® Lite 4"


Airscape® Lite 7"


The Overland Band

Meet the amazingly useful, super-strong giant rubber band - the Overland Band! Includes one band.

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Overlanders, van dwellers, digital nomads and car campers will appreciate the usefulness and portability of the Overland Bundle. This travel-ready trio fits neatly into tight spaces, is extra-portable, and the Overland Band has a multitude of uses beyond just keeping the Airscape® Lite containers together while you venture over rutted out roads. Hanging clothes out to dry? The Overland Band can do that. Strapping gear together? The Overland Band can do that. Impromptu game of tug-of-war? You get the picture.