Steel Toe with Bru-Stop™

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Brew the best coffee anytime, anywhere. With the Brü-Stop press screen your brew will always taste fresh, and never bitter.


Overland Coffee Packets 5-pack

5-Count Box of French Press Everyday Coffee Packets

Fuel for Your Vehicle Supported Adventures!


Individual packets include coarse ground coffee and brews a 16-20 oz press of our Northwest Blend with notes of Tobacco, Mandarin and Berries.

Box Includes Five - 1.058 oz (30 g) Packets - Net Wt 5.29 oz (150 g)

Mug Sizes

Mug US
Adventure Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Big Sky Bistro 16 fl.oz.
Double Shot 16 fl.oz.
Infuser Mug - Tea Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Desk Press 20 fl.oz.
Steel Toe 20 fl.oz.


The new Steel Toe coffee press to-go has everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to brew your perfect cup of coffee wherever and whenever. Durable, ultra-insulated stainless steel ensures a tough mug that will keep your coffee hot for hours.

The Bru-Stop™ press creates a physical barrier between the grounds and brewed coffee, once fully pressed down. This halts the brewing process and prevents coffee from becoming over-extracted, and bitter.

The Steel Toe works perfectly for brewing coffee, tea, cacao and maté.

To brew your perfect cup, just add coarsely ground coffee (~2 Tablespoons per 8oz. of water), pour near boiling water over the grounds, then place the Bru-Stop™ press screen on top with the plunger UP. Wait 3-5 minutes, press down the plunger, and enjoy.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Steel Toe with Bru-Stop™

  1. Jo May S.

    I just used my Planetary Design french press for the first time this weekend, while camping. Honestly, it is the BEST french press while out in the woods! I was so impressed by how warm it kept my coffee (this was always a drawback to enjoying a good cup of coffee when camping). I used to wrap my traditional french press in a towel in an attempt to keep the carafe warm but now, my new Planetary Design french press keeps a great temperature for a long time! Additionally, the flavor of my coffee was never compromised and I enjoyed more than one cup of hot coffee every morning. I also love the rubber bottom on your french press – keeps it in place. Thanks for making such a great product for the great outdoors – and indoors, too!

  2. Kristin

    I’m about to replace a Planetary Design French press mug that I bought 9 years ago! It still brews well. Unfortunately, the handle just rusted off (after 9 years of almost daily use, I’m not complaining!)

  3. Sarah

    My brother bought me this mug twenty plus years ago. I have taken it on so many road trips and camping outings. Then i moved to Hawaii, rust central and I have been here 18 years I took this cup all over in Hawaii. Now in my home with kids 20+ years later I still use the cup when my french presses break. It is absolutely amazing! I am now going to get a home version and am very excited! I love the quality and durability and it is my companion cup! it needs 10 stars.

  4. Mickey

    Have been using the French press cups from Planetary D for 8 years and use daily.
    I have the older style and the new style and they are the best I have ever seen for tea or coffee. I use almost daily with my Yerba Mata tea. Weather you are a coffee or tea drinker and on the go a lot this is perfect. I keep a tea with me and all I need to do is get hot water from many available locations and have another cup of tea. Try it and you will be happy that you did. !

  5. Mickey (verified owner)

    Works great for tea or coffee
    If you are on the go person buy this.
    Keep tea or coffee with you and all you need is hot water that you can get for so many places and have a tea or coffee any time at the most affordable price. You are going to love this French press cup. A true 5 Star
    Mickey Ga

  6. Ed

    I have had multiple Planetary items. My 48oz press is still the longest lived. This press cup is my goto for road trips. I grind my coffee and find a gas station with hot water on the coffee machine. Best coffee in the truck stop by far!

  7. Scott

    I wasn’t really a coffee drinker until I found this. It keeps my coffee hot, and it’s is so smooth. I also use it to make cold brew and it’s fantastic. I’m ordering another one!

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