After 3 years of testing, research, design and hard work, we are excited to offer this product to the world! A truly easy-to-clean French Press perfect for commutes, road-trips or just brewing in the kitchen. The removable bottom makes clean-up a breeze (see a HOW-TO-BREW video HERE), and Bru-Stop™ press makes for a smooth, never-bitter tasting cup that won’t leave grounds in your smile.


Add CarGo Can Travel Storage

The CarGo Can - Single

The BruTrek™ Cargo Can is perfect for pre-measured servings of coffee, tea or protein powder - enough for a day or weekend of adventures. Also ideal for preserving herbs, spices or any other goods that are oxygen, humidity & light sensitive. Features writable top lid and magnetic bottom.



The new OVRLNDR travel French Press features:

  • Removable bottom for easy cleaning of grounds – a truly “no-mess” French Press
  • Rugged, double-wall insulated construction
  • Spill-proof, heat-retentive lid
  • 24 fl oz capacity
  • Bru-Stop™ plunger for a smooth brew
  • Excellent for cold brew coffee, mate or tea

HOW-TO-Brew (see video HERE):

2. ADD COARSELY GROUND COFFEE beans (also works with loose-leaf tea or mate). ~ 2 Tbs. per 8oz. of water. The OVRLNDR holds brews about 24 fl.oz. of coffee (4fl.oz. are trapped in the bottom after brewing).
3. ADD HOT WATER (just-before boiling, or allow to sit about 5 minutes after coming to a full boil).
4. Screw-on the top lid with the plunger UP. Be sure to open the drink/pour spout before pressing. This helps alleviate the pressure built-up from the hot water/steam, and makes pressing a bit easier.
5. STEEP 3-5 minutes depending on preference.
6. PRESS, drink, enjoy!

How to clean:
1. Ensure ALL LIQUID is poured out of the OVRLNDR press before attempting to remove the bottom!

2. CAREFULLY UNSCREW BOTTOM. CAUTION! Hot liquid remains in the bottom portion of the OVRLNDR. Unscrew it carefully to avoid spilling hot grounds/liquid. DO NOT DRINK this liquid.

3. DUMP the grounds/liquid. Always dump responsibly into a compost bin, or garbage can. (There’s a garbage can off-screen that you can’t see in the video, but it’s there!)

To Brew Again:
1. ADD SOME WATER to the assembled OVRLNDR and shake/plunge to loosen any remaining grounds. Then you’re ready to brew again!

2. For a thorough cleaning, add a bit more water and a dab of dish-soap before shaking/plunging, then rinse completely.

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