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Made for everyday travel, the Adventure Tumbler features a spill-proof, lockable lid and is double-wall, vacuum insulated to keep hot drinks HOT (or cool things cool) for hours. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your cup-holder, and your hand.

  • 16 fl.oz.
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Mug Sizes

Mug US
Adventure Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Big Sky Bistro 16 fl.oz.
Double Shot 16 fl.oz.
Infuser Mug - Tea Tumbler 16 fl.oz.
Desk Press 20 fl.oz.
Steel Toe 20 fl.oz.


Perfection is hard to find, especially in a travel mug. We think we’ve created the perfect Adventure Travel Tumblers.  And boy, did we experiment with a lot of designs.

Our Adventure Tumblers are ergonomically designed with a tapered body that fits perfectly in your hand.  Once in your hand, this will be YOUR tumbler.  The Adventure Tumbler is equipped with a 100% spill-proof, lockable and easy to clean lid, wrapped with a durable double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel body to keep your beverage of choice hot or cold for hours.

Feel great about using and re-using the Adventure Tumbler instead of a non-reusable paper or plastic cup.  58 billion paper cups are thrown away annually!  We appreciate your efforts to make our planet better.  A lot of good folks doing a little bit each day adds up, making a big difference.

Caution – the Adventure Tumbler keep liquids extremely HOT, so please use caution and patience when drinking from your new favorite tumbler.


Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Adventure Tumblers

  1. Suzy

    There are a lot of mugs out there to choose from. I love the quality of this mug. My coffee stays hot forever. But the reason I purchased this tumbler was the lid design. It doesn’t leak at all and is lid is SO much easier to clean than other mugs – other mug designs have too many places to clean inside their lids. Love this mug.

  2. Jean Mercier

    I have been using these mugs in my business for over 10 years, and they are by far the best you can buy. Cold drinks stay cold, hot drinks stay hot the entire day! Wonderful product.

  3. Susan Wayne

    i’ve been using this tumbler for years and agree with others – great quality. only thing i’d say is i’ve learned to stick to stainless steel. i like how the colors look but the colored finish does peel off from dishwasher use. and the stainless steel ones do just fine in the dishwasher. literally for years until they eventually croak.

  4. K. Dillenkoffer

    Great product I’ve been using it these Mugs for many years. I would match them any day to the Yeti brand Mugs !!!!!! They keep my coffee hot all day long. Amazing product keep up the great work.

  5. Lisa Talcott

    I’ve had one of these mugs for ten year. The only difference is that they’ve changed the lid. I absolutely love this mug but I just lost it on a trip. Even after ten years it still worked just like it did the day I bought it. The color did chip off so eventually it went from green to stainless steel. I washed it frequently in the dishwasher so I can’t complain after ten years. I’m so disappointed I lost it. It was like an old friend.

  6. Sonya Marquez

    I didn’t purchase a mug directly from Planetary, but from my favorite coffee kiosk. I typically don’t buy tumblers from coffee places because you just never know about the quality of the mug. This one had a beautiful design and I fell in love. I fell even more in love when I forgot about my coffee one day. It had been several hours since I had filled my tumbler and steeled myself for the lukewarm coffee that was about to spill into my mouth. I was extremely surprised when my coffee was still hot!
    This is such a great tumbler!

  7. joel perry

    absolutely the best mug I have ever used. I still use my older model with the gasket seal butterfly lid (about 5 years old now, I think), although the handle broke off a few years ago when a co worker knocked it across the room and into a concrete wall (no scratches on the brushed stainless!) and the base broke off (but I love it so much I used JB Weld to put it back on!! wish I had thought of that when I still had the handle, but at least it was a clean break with no parts sticking out) still going strong. no leaks (never washed it in a dishwasher) currently it is my backup mug due to those flaws, but still keeps a cup hot enough for 10+ hours. I’ll probably order one of the new models in a couple more months, I am getting tired of replacing other brand mugs every few months. Due to the reviews of the long term issues with the painted models, I’ll stick with the stainless. This mug does what it needs to regardless of any issues it might have and will always get 5 stars from me.

  8. Glenda Rogers

    I have to disagree on the paint chipping. Unless you are extremely hard on your mugs…I mean very very very aggressive with banging them around; the paint DOES NOT CHIP at all or very slightly on the ones that I have bought (about 7 total of various colors and styles.) I absolutely LOVE them. They are a great choice and I like the bold colors! An awesome product!

  9. Emily

    I’m a little obsessed with these mugs. It is absolutely the best travel mug I have ever had. Not only does it keep my drink hot all day (have left it in the car several times on cold Montana days and it was still hot at the end of the day) but it is sturdy. I have dropped mine several times on the concrete and it is still going strong. The locking lid is great since I tip it over on my desk all the time and it has never spilled. The interior doesn’t absorb the flavor of whatever you put in it so I can use the same mug for coffee and tea without my tea picking up a coffee flavor. Not that is matters because I have several of them now. I also love that it is a local company. Keep up the great work!!

  10. Martha Callanan

    I picked up one of these mugs at a garage sale several years ago for $1, and it is by far the best I have ever had! It keeps water cold and tea hot all day no matter what temp the car is. Truly amazing insulation! I drive around all day seeing clients all over the state, and l am lost without this travel mug! I’m getting a new one now, in silver so I have a backup, but the original is still perfect. Why would anyone want to sell one of these at a garage sale? My gain!

  11. Linda Leuschen

    We have two of these mugs that I bought from a different site. We have an older model sports car with the old style cup holders that flip out of the dash and they are very small. Due to the lower portion of this mug being slender our mugs fit perfectly. Keeps our coffee nice and hot for hours. Will be purchasing two more for backups. Thanks for a great product!

  12. Michelle (verified owner)

    I have 3 of these, one small for the car, a small and large for work. They are amazing in terms of keeping things hot or cold. I have left the ice cubes from iced coffee in them overnight and the next morning there is still ice in them! Likewise, my hot morning coffee stays warm through the day (when I don’t get to drink it right away). AND, as long as you actually close the drinking hole, you don’t get (much) leakage if you knock it over. That feature has saved many a paper on my desk over the years. And they last, which is good, a very good deal, but also a little sad that I don’t have the need to purchase some of the newer colors. I highly recommend and have done so to many friends. It’s the last travel mug you’ll ever have to buy.

  13. Kathy olsen

    I came across this mug by someone leaving in a Resturant where I worked. They never came back and it has been my best friend for several years .

    Yeasterday I left at our community pool and when I realized it was to late to get. After work today I looked in the lost and found and there it was???

    I think it’s the feel and the performance of staying cold for more than a day!! I finally looked to see the brand tonight because I will order a new one.

    Thank you

  14. Amy (verified owner)

    I’ve had this travel mug for close to a year now and I have come to the conclusion that it is the best “travel mug” on the market. It has the perfect balance of functionality and drinkability. The design of the lid allows you to sip your coffee just like you would out of a regular mug. It fits perfectly in my car cup holder. I love it!

  15. Steve (verified owner)

    Excellent mug! Well constructed and feels good to hold. The rubberized bottom helps with stability when placed on a desk. My coffee stays hot until I want to drink it. The rim of the mug without the lid is smooth and is pleasant to drink from. I had a Contigo for many years but this one is far superior in everyway.

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