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Spencer at TripKnowledgy breaks down Travel French Presses video style

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-WpYB7xTi4]

Travelling and Coffee is definately Spencer’s gig – so getting a thumbs up review on the Double Shot from him is truly satisfying!  Tune in to Spencer’s video as he breaks down a couple different traditional Travel Presses (units that press but then must be poured into a separate vessel) and the best of Travel French Press Mugs (the press and mug in one).   Of course, we’re bias – but we think he nailed it.  Watch the entire video on Youtube here, or read the blog entry here.  While you’re at it – consider following TripKnowledgy on Facebook – where Spencer shares fantastic travel tips, or in his words “the science of suitcase living”.