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The Basics on French Presses and Travel French Press Mugs

Millions of people around the U.S. start each morning with their favorite cup or two of coffee.  Along with tea, It’s one of the most popular drinks in the world.  To meet the growing demand and diversity of consumers, the coffee industry certainly has no shortage of cool and useful products.  One of the coolest, though, is this line of French Presses and Travel Mugs French Press and French Press Mugs by Planetary design.

What is a French Press?  A French Press refers to the device used to make this type of coffee, and according to many a coffee connoisseur – “the only way to brew coffee”.  It’s often referred to as a Press Pot or Plunger Pot and all you need to make an excellent cup of French Press coffee is a French Press (naturally), a heat source, coffee and water.  Sugar and cream is optional.  Ideally you’ll use a medium to coarse grind, as the grinds must be large enough for the mesh filter to push the grinds down to the bottom without getting clogged once properly brewed.

When making French Press coffee, water temperature is vital.  If done correctly, you can make what many believe is the perfect cup of coffee.  The ideal temperature is between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit (just under boiling).  Any hotter and you risk burning the grounds.  The process from start to finish only takes about 3 to 5 minutes and there’s no bleached-out filter involved to remove the essential oils, nutrients and antioxidants, making sure you receive the full health benefit of the coffee.  Not to mention, it simply tastes better.

If you love coffee and tea, check out the full product line from Planetary Design.  Born in the rugged Rocky Mountains, their products are made with quality and innovative design in mind.  Form and functionality truly come together in their French Press Mugs, traditional Table Top French Presses, Drinkware and other original products.  You can visit them online at planetarydesign.com.  From table top French Presses, to French Press Mugs, coffee mugs to travel mugs, you’ll find some of the coolest coffee products on the planet at Planetary Design.