The Best Kitchen Storage System: The Benefits of Airtight Kitchen Storage

Storing food properly is harder than it seems. All kinds of environmental factors can ruin coffee and other dried goods. Especially if they aren’t preserved in an airtight storage container. Luckily, Planetary Design, maker of Airscape, make it easy to store bulk foods properly so you can enjoy fresh-tasting food without worry.

picture of a couple coffee beans sitting on a pile of ground coffee

What is the best way to store roasted coffee long-term?

Coffee is a staple of any food storage. Ask anybody who has recently run out of coffee how that affected their entire day. To keep yourself and your family adequately caffeinated, it is important to always have delicious coffee on hand. The hard part is storing your coffee properly. Coffee is a volatile dry food item. Unlike rice and oats, it can lose flavor quickly when exposed to air.

Storing any bulk food item is difficult because of spatial restraints and faulty containers. To make matters worse, most airtight storage containers look like they were taken straight from an underground bunker. These containers have no place in an aesthetically pleasing, well-organized kitchen. Planetary Design’s Airscape coffee storage containers, however, are easy to store, are aesthetically pleasing and preserve food correctly by preventing exposure to the biggest environmental factors that destroy bulk foods. They are especially useful when it comes to storing coffee grounds and beans.

The three biggest killers of proper coffee storage are sunlight, moisture and oxygen.


Let’s start with sunlight. UV exposure is bad for coffee because it accelerates the decomposition of chemical compounds. Most of the chemical compounds that contribute to coffee’s delicious flavor lie on the outer layer of the coffee bean. This is the layer that is exposed to sunlight. When exposed to sunlight, these chemical compounds deteriorate, and anything brewed with these coffee beans will taste half as strong as regular coffee.

Because there is nothing worse than weak-tasting coffee, it is important to store coffee beans away from sunlight. In many kitchen layouts, this seems like an impossible task. This is why Airscape offers coffee storage containers in stainless steel and ceramic. Both materials can effectively shield their food from UV rays, therefore preserving the integrity and the longevity of your dry goods.


Moisture is just as detrimental to any stored food. Due to the nature of dry goods being “dry,” water in any form can render them inedible. Dry goods that are stored in a humid climate will not last long.

Most kitchen storage containers have an airtight seal but trap the air inside the container. If the air inside the container is humid enough, the water will condense and eventually grow mold. Water is even more detrimental to coffee than sunlight. Water preemptively strips the coffee beans of their oils. These oils are what contribute to the coffee beans’ rich taste. When exposed to water, these oils begin to dissolve and will brew bland tasting coffee later.

The bigger consequence of moisture (if there can be such a thing worse than bland coffee) is the threat of mycotoxins. Coffee that has been stored in humid environments easily grows mold and fungi. If left untreated, these molds and fungi can produce a substance called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins can be detrimental to a person’s health. Many mycotoxins are known carcinogens while others strip the immune system of its strength.

The only way to get rid of mycotoxins is to prevent them from forming in the first place. This is why Planetary Design’s Airscape coffee storage containers do more than keep food from going stale — by expelling air from the container entirely, Airscape lids also rid the storage unit of any humidity.


Oxygen is the most common environmental factor we battle when storing dry goods. It is too easy for food to go stale in the wrong containers, but this is especially true when it comes to storing coffee. Perhaps the biggest destroyer of flavor is oxygen.

Oxygen makes the organic compounds of the coffee bean unstable. When exposed to air, these organic compounds become oxidized which results in the coffee losing its aroma. Smell is responsible for 80% of what we taste, so we want as much aroma as possible when brewing coffee. Airscape’s inner lid technology was created to not only keep air out of the storage container, but also to remove air from the container entirely. By expelling any residual air left in the container, Airscape’s better-than-airtight technology leaves no chance for food to go stale.

What is the best storage container for coffee?

The best coffee storage container for any dry good is one that protects from sunlight, moisture and oxygen. Any container that can effectively prevent all three of these environmental factors will be able to store coffee and other dry goods for long periods of time.

At Planetary Design, we care about the quality of your coffee, which is why we have researched and developed the best method to keep coffee and other dry goods fresh. Airscape coffee storage containers expel air from inside the storage unit, which seals coffee and other dry goods safely.

The stainless steel and ceramic Airscape coffee storage containers expertly defend against UV rays. Airscape kitchen storage containers can be used for any type of dry food you want to keep fresh. Each sleek and modern finish shows quality craftsmanship inside and out. With multiple-colored finishes to choose from, the aesthetically pleasing Airscape storage containers will make your kitchen look and feel more organized.

Photo of a large and small black airscape coffee canister set.

Airscape storage containers are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. We all know that messes and accidents will eventually occur. Instead of pretending like we are perfect, at Planetary Design we have future-proofed each container by making those eventual accidents easier to clean up.

By offering a range of models and sizes, we have ensured that there is an Airscape storage container for every lifestyle. For the bulk food buyer, we  offers the Airscape Kilo storage container. This container can hold up to 2 ½ lbs. of coffee beans. Because Planetary Design makes our Airscape Kilo storage containers from galvanized steel, there is zero odor retention when transferring foods. This restaurant-grade kitchen storage container is not only the best airless food storage on the market, it makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen as well.

If your storage needs are bigger than this, there is also the newly redesigned Airscape Bucket Insert. This lid works for most 3 ½- 7-gallon buckets. The benefits of airless storage don’t need to stick to small containers. Now every dry goods storage bucket can benefit from the Airscape inner lid technology.

Although having bulk amounts of dry food is nice, not all of us have endless storage space available. That is why we also offers 4” and 7” containers (small and medium) Airscape storage containers. These containers can hold 8 oz and 1 lb. of coffee respectively, and come in a variety of materials.

Do I need a coffee canister to preserve coffee?

Short answer: yes. If you want the coffee to taste good later, it is in your best interest to purchase a high-quality coffee canister. Roasted whole bean coffee will only last about a month after opening, and ground coffee even less.

We do not recommend trying to brew coffee with stale beans. As soon as the coffee bean’s original packaging is opened, the oxidation process begins. Oxidation results in a severe loss of flavor and degradation of the coffee bean. The oils that lie on the surface of the coffee bean are what contribute to the robust and bold flavor coffee is known for. When these oils are exposed to air, they begin to break down and lose flavor.

Coffee storage canisters solve this problem by allowing coffee beans to expel carbon dioxide while preventing any outside oxygen from entering. Coffee beans naturally release carbon dioxide after the roasting process, which makes storing them difficult. Many coffee storage companies sell their beans in bags with a one-way valve. This valve allows the carbon dioxide from the coffee beans to be emitted while preventing any outside air from entering. Coffee canisters work the same way but can be continually resused.

While the bags with one-way valves work great for getting coffee to the consumer, they do nothing to prevent the degradation of coffee beans once the bag has been opened. This is why transferring your coffee beans to an Airscape coffee storage canister will keep them fresher longer.

Coffee canisters can be re-sealed as many times as you need, so you can brew coffee every day while keeping the unused beans fresh. Airscape storage containers’ lid-sealing technology is a great example of how coffee canisters keep food fresher for longer.

The Airscape storage container lids release any air from the inside of the container while simultaneously preventing outside air from tampering with the stored food. They can be washed and used as many times as needed, making them the perfect coffee buddy for the at-home barista.


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