The Evolution Of The Double Shot

The Double Shot French Press mug was one of our first, and still is one of our favorite, products. It’s come a long way from it’s roots (though it’s still just as colorful)!

The Double Shot was designed for the avid coffee loving outdoors-person, and it shows. In this recent product review by Mike at All Terrain Outdoors, he hits the nail on the head: “The coffee mug was clearly built with a ton of hard work, care, and craftsmanship. It has clearly been built by people who love the great outdoors and love drinking quality coffee.”

Why yes, yes we do.

How has the Double Shot changed over the years? For starters, the current iteration is double wall, vacuum insulated and features our new Brü-Stop press technology for the freshest brew. The addition of insulation makes this a superior travel French Press for skiers, rock climbers, and the larger storage container for holding extra coffee grounds is a must for public radio listeners.

Just a heads-up, we’ll soon be discontinuing the Double Shot in Desert Orange, and later introduce a new color to take it’s place. If orange is your color, pick one up now before they’re gone for good!

Whatever your color of choice, you can’t go wrong with owning a Double Shot French Press mug! It was one of the first products from Planetary Design, and we guarantee yours will last for years and years to come.