Top 5 Must-Haves For Working Remotely

The work-from-home or remote working trend has caught a lot of steam in recent years. With more folks living unconventional lifestyles, and improved connectedness via the internet, it’s both a necessity and a privilege that many of us enjoy. Whether you’re working from an office in the spare bedroom, or from your home-on-wheels, there are a few necessities that make working remotely just that much more enjoyable.

  • A Great Coffee Brewing Set-up: no surprise this is at the top of the list. For getting $### done, coffee is paramount for most of us. Our brew method of choice is a French Press. The variety of sizes available makes them a great choice to brew just the right amount of coffee. Add in our French Press’s double-wall vacuum insulated and Brü-Stop press screen and you’ve got the makings of the perfect home-office coffee brewer.
The ultimate productivity enhancer – 48oz. of
hot coffee!
  • Connectivity: Having a solid data connection, and a way to communicate with your fellow team-mates is another essential element for working remotely. If you are home based, chances are you have access to some sort of reliable internet. For those who are digital nomads, there are a number of options including getting an unlimited data plan for your mobile phone and using it as a mobile hot-spot, stand-alone mobile hot spots, cell signal boosters when working in areas where cell towers are sparse….though we hope you’re off exploring rather than working in that scenario!
  • The Right Mindset: Let’s face it…working remotely is not for everyone. A disciplined attitude, ability to focus, stay organized, and self-motivate are definite personality traits shared by the remote-workers of the world.
  • Dedicated & Organized Work Space: Sometimes the dining room table just doesn’t cut it. Carve out a space that can serve as a dedicated “office”, no matter how small. Keep it clutter-free and organized, and make sure to have all the tools on-hand you need to do your job. Comfortable chair? Check. Decent lighting? Check. A little background music? Check. White board or notebook for lists & reminders? Check. Snacks & coffee? Check and check!
View from the High Mountain Creative
mobile work-space (pssst: it’s an Airstream!)
  • Timing & Breaks: Whether working remotely or not, distractions happen. One way to combat them, and improve your productivity is to block out your time. And, of course, be sure to schedule breaks into your work day. Get up and stretch, go outside to get some fresh air, and don’t forget to refill your coffee cup!

Wherever you work from, we hope you’ll find a few pointers to stay productive, or perhaps find inspiration to try out a remote-working scenario!