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Use a Quality Insulated Travel Mug for a Relaxing Commute

If you have a commute to work your mornings are probably a little chaotic and filled with other people’s needs before you get to yours. You’re likely making breakfast for some picky eaters, driving carpool or sending young ones out to the school bus, taking the dog out and doing the breakfast dishes before you even think about doing something for yourself. And by that time, you’ve got to leave for work! This is why it’s so important to have a great travel mug. You shouldn’t have to worry about spills, leaks or cold coffee after you’ve already put in a marathon morning.

Planetary Design makes sure your commute goes smooth with their quality insulated travel mugs. They believe your morning coffee should stay hot so you can enjoy it on the way into the office. Using a good travel mug ensures you don’t have to gulp your coffee as soon as you leave the house, but can savor it or fill it full, rather than put in just a few sips that stay warm in an average travel mug. The Planetary Design insulated travel mugs keeps your beverage hot, is comfortable and sturdy, so it’s easy to transport with no spills.

You know how valuable that it-a travel mug that doesn’t spill. There are not many things worse than a coffee spill during your morning commute. Not only do you have to take the time to clean yourself off, you’ve got to clean your car, too, not to mention the ever-lasting coffee stain on your work clothes and papers. Using a top-of-the-line travel mug prevents this from happening and makes for an uneventful, enjoyable drive in.

When you’re tired of coffee spills and cold beverages (when they‘re supposed to be steaming hot) consider an insulated travel mug from Planetary Design. Call them with questions at: (406) 728 – 7008 or visit their website planetarydesign.com for more information and more products.