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Using Logoed Coffee Mugs To Build Business

Using logoed coffee mugs to promote your small or medium sized business can reap large rewards, especially when you don’t have a huge marketing budget.  There are certainly no shortages of long and short term marketing and advertising mediums, some that are expensive and others not.  Giving away logoed coffee mugs is a great way to provide a long-term impression while not breaking your marketing budget.

Coffee mugs are used every day by businesses to advertise their services or products.  For good reason, too.  They’re a very easy and inexpensive means by which to promote your company and brand.  People typically use a mug over and over, day after day and much like traditional advertising, repetition is key to brand awareness. In this case, wherever the mug goes, so does your logo and company.  When used with a quality product and with the right message, your company will be in front of people every day, often as a conversational piece.  Keep in mind the quality of the product as well.  You don’t want to plaster your logo and brand all over a cheap and flimsy product as that feel will get transferred to your brand.  For this reason it is recommended to go with a higher quality insulated travel mug.

There are several ways in which you can use customized mugs to promote your business and giving them to employees is a great way to get the name and brand out there quickly.  Their friends and family see the mugs and can possibly open up a conversation about their job and your business.  Don’t only use the mugs for customers when employees can be your best form of advertising and promotion.

Customers love giveaways and you can boost your sales by offering logoed coffee mugs as a means of reward, incentives or invitations to a grand opening, for example…  You can leverage free mugs by giving them to your most loyal customers or to those that spend over a certain dollar amount.

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