photo of Alexandra using our french press in the desert
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Van Lifer’s Use Planetary Design Products on the Road

Here’s what they had to say about our french press products

Planetary Design has long been intent on sharing their adventure-worthy coffee gear with the people who inspire them–“van lifers,” travelers, overlanders, converted school bus dwellers, and outdoors people from all walks of life. “We love the adventure the outdoors gives us, so we decided to get our brand out on the road to meet with the passionate and adventurous and live our mission – passions pursued and brewed,” says CEO, Jess Nepstad.

Planetary Design has been connected with outdoor enthusiasts from the start, but only recently have they started to make noise in the “van life” community. From tea-loving “airstreamers”, to school-bus-living coffee fiends, Planetary Design has heard from them all on what it’s like to use their products on the road.

But that’s not the only way that Planetary Design has connected with this movement. They have also put a rig of their own on the road. One of their latest company vehicles is a home on wheels, called the BruTrek Rig. They wanted to find a way to share their gear with the people that inspire them, so they thought to send someone on their team out to actually go and live this concept right alongside those people. Since February, Parker Meadows has been traveling all around the United States in the Rig, raising brand awareness and making sales for Planetary Design. “The BruTrek Road Rig is the perfect urban and rural crossover rig to take our message to our customers.” says CEO, Jess Nepstad.

Here’s what “van lifers” have to say after using Planetary Design products in their own rigs:

Precious Resources…

“Living on the road full time we have to be really conscious of space and the amount of resources needed to make our coffee and meals. We’ve come to be huge advocates of multifunctional gear, and that is why we love the Steel Toe coffee press. It keeps coffee hot for the entire morning. It allows us to slowly enjoy hot coffee for far longer when it’s cold outside and it works as a To-Go cup when mornings are less leisurely! Water is such a precious resource to us on the road so it’s really important to us that our coffee making ritual is both functional and a responsible use of those resources.”



one wild ride instagram post

@OneWildRideBus’s kitchen featuring the French Press and mug by Planetary Design

“One thing we would never travel without is coffee. We equipped our bus with a Planetary Designs french press and french press to-go. We can not stress how important these products are to us on the road. Rather than burning through the small amount of electricity we have, we simply throw our kettle on the stove and have great coffee within minutes. The french press is easy to use, easy to clean and durable enough to store anywhere while on the road with zero concern for damage. We have been using the products almost every day and they have worked flawlessly. Not to mention they look awesome! ”


The Patented Technology…

“One of the best things about camping (other than the destination itself and the people I’m with), is the first cup of coffee in the morning. Whether it’s got a little ash from the fire or sand from the desert, a cup of coffee brewed at camp seems to far exceed anything from your local roaster. But as much as I love that moment, cold coffee has a way of ruining it. Not only does the double-walled design keep my coffee hot, the bru-stop plate makes sure it doesn’t end up tasting bitter or burnt. And did I mention the size?! It’s perfect for two people to become completely over-caffeinated. I never go camping without it.”


Margo hiking with the tea infuser

Margo Hiking with our Tea Infuser

“Isaac and I recently partnered with Planetary Design on some photo and branding work. I’m pretty glad our paths crossed because they make some pretty great products that we’ve been able to use in the Airstream. Some of their products have even changed our coffee and tea rituals.

Before I started living on the road full time, I loved loose leaf tea. I had a cute Polish Pottery teapot with an infuser and a shelf full of different teas to brew. Since I’ve started traveling, I’ve had to revert back to packaged tea bags in order to simplify my kitchen in the camper. Not to mention that fancy, breakable pottery has no place in a portable home on wheels. A little part of me died, but I figured it was just one of the many sacrifices of life on the road.

I was recently introduced to Planetary’s Infuser Mug, it’s a tidy, portable, sturdy one-stop shop for brewing and drinking tea or coffee and perfect for life on the road in the Airstream. With Planetary’s brilliant BruStop technology, I can steep my tea on-the-go without needing to worry about over-steeping or the mess of the leftover tea bag or tea ball. It has allowed me to revert back to using loose leaf tea for my daily brew.

After rediscovering my love for brewing loose leaf tea, I’m really appreciating the benefits. With more stores stocking bulk loose leaf, not only is it more affordable, but it gives you the opportunity to try new teas and only buy what you want.”

 And there are many things Margo loves about loose-leaf tea infusion…

Margo Stoney using our tea infuser in the woods

Margo enjoying tea in the woods

“By avoiding pre-packaged tea, you’re saving so much waste from going to the landfill. Think about the environmental impacts of every little string, staple, bag and even cellophane shrink wrapping on the box. Loose leaf is better for the environment. With loose leaf, you’re in charge of how strong you make your tea. I love a robust chai tea in the morning, so I’ll add an extra spoonful of tea to get it just the way I like it. Storing boxes of packaged tea can really add up in small camper cabinets. Also, loose leaf tea is more portable and – with less packaging – so much easier to store. Whether it’s in an Airscape canister or reusable storage bag, you’ll find it’s a much more efficient use of space.  If you live life on the road, or just want to upgrade your tea or coffee game, the Infuser Mug is definitely worth a try!”

These photos of Margo Stoney using Planetary Design’s Tea Infuser are featured on a blog post from one of their websites, Ricos Basecamp.



The Experience…

Instagram post by @IntlCoolBus pouring a cup of joe from our French Press

Instagram post by @IntlCoolBus pouring a cup of joe from our French Press

“When planning on hitting the road for a trip in a skoolie, RV, van or if you’re exploring tiny living  there are certain cutbacks you need to make. There are certain things that just cannot make the cut and permanent space on a countertop for a coffee pot was one of those cuts for us.

When deciding what was going to go into our 200 sq ft converted school bus, we had to reduce bulky space, limit as much electrical pull as possible, and it HAD to be functional. This is when I came across Planetary Design! It looked durable, it was large enough, and the colors are such a beautiful addition to the aesthetics of our skoolie. Having my 48oz Bru Stop French press has changed mornings on our bus! The coffee always tastes fresh and never over brewed and you don’t get a mouth full of coffee grinds! It’s a no brain-er when it comes to living the van life, bus life, or RV life. You don’t need electricity or even propane. You can easily boil your water over an open flame!”



photo of Alexandra using our french press in the desert

This photo of @alexandra_abroad belongs to @the_traveling_tincan!

“By far the product that gets used the most is the French press – that is some seriously good design! One of the reasons it’s the favorite is because when living in a tiny camper, or any small space while on the road, saving space or having things that serve multiple purposes is key! Instead of having to have a whole coffee brewing station set up, which would take up space, as well as require and drain electricity, all we need are coffee grounds, hot water and the French press! The night before I’ll set everything up so there’s already some coffee grounds in the press and some water on the stove, all I have to do when I wake up is turn on the stove! I can snooze until the water is done, at which point I pour it into the press and I’m basically good to go! The “travel mug” design of it is perfect for taking into the car, it fits right into the cup holders we have, and after just a few minutes I’m good to push the press down and drink! And whatever material or design you guys are using for the mesh on the press is just phenomenal, I never experience any stray grounds while I’m drinking my brew.”




To see more photos of Planetary Design products being put to use, check out @planetarydesign on Instagram. We would love to hear from you!


Planetary Design  is a Montana-based company that prides itself on designing products for pursuing life’s passions.  Its product lines include insulated, double walled, stainless steel single and multi-serve French Press coffee makers – now with Brü-Stop brewing technology, beverage ware and patented Airscape® coffee and food storage containers.  

Planetary Design has updated and expanded its complete line of single and multi-serve French Press coffee makers – including its top seller, the Double Shot 16 oz. Travel Press, with redesigned body and reinforced handle, the all-new Steel Toe, a 20 oz. full sized, bold coffee press that doubles as a great evening micro-brew tumbler, and brand new colors and textures on the 48, 32 and 20 oz Table Top French Presses.



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