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#Vanlife: Myth vs. Reality

Spotless interiors, twinkling overhead lights, perfectly made beds, and a bikini-bottom wearing millennial showing off her assets gazing off at a gorgeous landscape (what’s up with that, anyway?)

Perhaps living the #vanlife isn’t as glamorous as its made out to be. In her scathing analysis of the what it really means to live in a vehicle, including all of it’s challenges, joys and misconceptions, self-proclaimed dirtbag, Brooke Hess breaks down the dirty secrets of vanlife.

What about living the #vanlife as a resistance to the capitalist system? Folks have to be able to afford to live full-time in a vehicle somehow, and many turn to remote work, gigs or seasonal work. Some are able to actually make money as influencers posting sponsored posts promoting the fact that they live in a van. However the reality of living in a vehicle, for some, has come about by necessity rather than choice.

For others, it is a decidedly temporary lifestyle choice. After a few months or a year, some sacrifice their “freedom” to once again settle down into a stationary house and all the comforts that come with it. Like showers (though there are plenty of ways to “shower” while living in a van), pantry space, & your own personal, private bathroom.

Whether you’re already living the dream, or thinking of leaving sedentary life for the #vanlife, there are plenty of considerations to be made! Maybe it’s not all its cracked up to be….then again it could be just the ticket.