What is an insulated coffee mug?

Weekday mornings blaze by in a flurry of activity, from making breakfast, to showering, to cajoling your cranky kids out the door. Sometimes, that means sacrificing that mug of coffee you so lovingly made for yourself and gulping it down cold.

Right? No. Repeat after me, you deserve to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. It’s basically a fundamental human right.

Enter insulation.

But what does it actually mean to have an insulated mug?

Glad you asked. Here at Planetary Design we’re always excited to share our coffee technology with you (we’re nerdy like that). So let’s put your mind at ease and answer those burning questions.

What is double-wall, vacuum insulated technology?

This simple design maintains the temperature of the beverage inside your tumbler or other container, keeping your coffee hot or cold, by utilizing both an inner and outer wall. Typically, as in our case, both walls are made of stainless steal, though employing ceramic, glass and plastic are also common.

The two stainless walls are separated by a vacuum, which means there is no air between the inner and outer layers.

Why does that help keep my coffee hot?

The vacuum, which contains few molecules, acts as a barrier between your drink and the atmosphere, which are trying to reach a temperature equilibrium.

If you remember anything from middle school chemistry, you might remember the laws of thermodynamics, which among other things, state that objects of varying temperature will always be striving to reach the same temperature. They do that through conduction, convection or radiation (brush up on the differences here).

Double-wall, vacuum insulation assures the heat from the inside cup can’t move outward (first to the outer wall and then to the atmosphere) through any of these means. Because there is no air to transfer the heat, it’s essentially trapped in with your coffee, keeping it nice and toasty.

A double wall keeps your beverage cool for the same reason, only in reverse. The vacuum dramatically slows the transfer of heat from the atmosphere to your drink, allowing it to stay icy and refreshing.

So what does that mean?

That means a double-wall insulated container is designed purposefully to keep your coffee the exact temperature you want. Without the vacuum seal, the transfer of heat between the atmosphere and your drink would speed up, leaving you with a disappointingly cold cup of joe.

Vacuum insulation is the best type of insulation out there, keeping your beverage hot or cold for hours upon hours (even days). Current tests estimate that having a vacuum insulation increases the heat retention capabilities by 33 percent. That’s 33 percent longer for you to enjoy your cup of coffee.

So go ahead, surprise your kids with pancakes and take the time to do your hair — without worrying about your coffee. It’s sure to stay hot.