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Photo of medium and small Aircape seal, glass kitchen canisters

Post on February 14, 2021 by Erin

What’s In Your Bucket?

What’s In Your Bucket? Uses for the Airscape® Bucket Insert

A simple question, with many answers!  Since the release of the Airscape® Bucket Lid Insert over a year ago, we’ve received lots of feedback, tried experiments, and discussed many different ways to utilize the Airscape® Bucket Lid with many different sizes and types of buckets. Here are just a few ways we’ve found it to be useful:

Storing bulk foods like rice, flour, sugar, beans, etc. (TIP! Freeze rice for 72 hours prior to storing to kill any living organisms, and prevent them from invading your food products once stored)

Keeping chicken feed fresh

Keeps outdoor gear dry! When rafting or camping, keep your sleeping bag, clothes, or other items that you don’t want to get wet in a bucket sealed with the Airscape® Bucket Lid

BBQ Charcoal Storage – store your charcoal in a bucket topped with the ABL (Airscape® Bucket Lid) to keep pellets from absorbing moisture and becoming difficult to light when it’s time to get grillin! Not only will you get cooking faster, but you’ll help protect your investment in your favorite grilling or smoking machine, such as the Big Green Egg

Kindling Storage – prevent moisture from invading your kindling wood

Coffee Roastery Bean Storage – keep your green beans super fresh until ready to roast, or transport freshly roasted beans to local coffee shops with ease

Beer Brewing Time Saver – pre-measure your brewing ingredients into buckets, and know they’ll stay fresh when stored with the Airscape® Bucket Lid.  When it comes time to brew, simply add the pre-measured ingredients to the batch, saving time, and ensuring the best brew possible

Compost – The ABL will keep compost contained until it’s time to take it to the heap, pile, dumpster or compost facility

With so many uses, the possibilities are endless!  What’s in your bucket?