Which French press will you be in the new year?

Sparkly dresses and slick suits. Flutes of champagne. A brand new you.

Yes, it’s almost the new year. And this time, everything will be different — you’re actually going to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions. By the end of 2018, you’ll be the healthy, family-oriented, business-savvy you of your dreams.

But wait.

You must be asking yourself — which French press will I be this new year?

Well, that’s a good question. And don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ve taken five popular New Year’s resolutions and matched them with five of our French presses here at Planetary Design so you can figure out who your inner French press is.

Will you be the sleek, sophisticated, business-minded Desk Press, or perhaps the family-oriented and RV aficionado Table Top? Now you’ll know.

If your New Year’s resolution is to KonMari your house, you’re the…

Big Sky Bistro

The Big Sky Bistro knows that it makes a darn good cup of coffee. For 25 years, the Bistro has pressed thousands of delicious mugs of joe, inspired millions of smiles and has known to be a generous friend… all while keeping it simple. While its graphics and plunger did receive a facelift this year, its soul hasn’t, and won’t ever, change. The Bistro is classy, sleek and minimal, which is how you-in-2018 will assuredly be.

If your New Year’s resolution is to take an RV trip with the family, you’re the…

Table Top French press

The Table Top French press doesn’t think drinking coffee should be a solitary activity. That’s why it’s available in three share-ready sizes and five family-friendly colors. The Table Top spends every morning surrounded by family and loves nothing more than spending an evening playing board games or watching movies. Little known fact about the Table Top — it’s an RV savant. The Table Top has been on more RV trips than Chevy Chase. With its Brü-Stop technology, stainless steel walls and vacuum-sealed exterior, it was born for the road.

If your New Year’s resolution is to try Crossfit, you’re the…

Steel Toe

The Steel Toe not only knows how many calories a daily Starbucks habit costs, but knows how many hours in the gym it’ll take to work those calories off. A health-nut, the Steel Toe avoids sugary coffee drinks like the plague, and praises the health benefits of French pressed coffee wherever it goes (mostly the gym). But daily three-minute squats and handstand pushups don’t leave time for the Steel Toe to wait for a brew at home… which is why it brews on the go. Steel Toe’s favorite quote, “Looking good has never been this easy.”

If your New Year’s resolution is to be the boss, you’re the…  

Desk Press

The Desk Press’s sleek, silver exterior makes it the best dressed professional in the room. With its Brü-Stop technology, the Desk Press can finish that report without worrying about its brew turning bitter. And this grade A workaholic has vacuum insulated walls to ensure its coffee doesn’t get cold, even if it works all night. But don’t be fooled by its classy side – the Desk Press is known to rock a construction site now and again. Made of restaurant-grade stainless steel, it doesn’t even need a hard hat.

If your New Year’s resolution is to go skydiving, you’re the…

Double Shot

The Double Shot doesn’t take chances… when it comes to coffee. Otherwise, the Double Shot can be found backpacking through the Wilderness, belaying down the side of a cliff or, yes, jumping out of a plane. With its storage compartment that holds enough extra coffee or tea for its next brew, it’s never worried about missing a shot of caffeine when it’s needed most. After all, those slopes don’t shred themselves.

Remember your inner French press, and maybe the will to stick with your resolution won’t fade by the end of January.