Planetary  Design Products RowWholesalers may download and use any of the imagery/POS below given its use follows the guidelines set out in the internet reseller agreement.  The link below contains individual images of every available Planetary Design product in every available color on a white background.  Click link below to download the zipped file.

All Planetary Design Products (2014 Catalog) web quality (1000px x 1000px 72dpi)  on white background (zipped file 5.3MB)

Planetary Design Point of Sale

We also have Point of Sale material available. These 5.5″ x 8.5″ stand-up shelf talkers are great for illustrating how to use Planetary Design products for both employees as well as end-consumers. To order your free stand-up POS please email us and let us know which products you would like and what address you would like them sent to.

French Press Instruction sheet: Download an 8.5×11 Instruction sheet on how to use a French Press Coffee Maker

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