Table Top Stainless Steel French Presses
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Why French Press?

Coffee presses may not be most well-known way to brew coffee today, but they are growing in popularity as more and more coffee lovers discover this unique and superior way to brew that perfect cup of Joe.  Although numerous coffee and tea drinkers aren’t familiar with the concept of using a coffee press for getting a perfect cup of coffee, the French Press has been around for a long, long time.  If you love coffee and need it to kick start your morning, you might want to seriously take a look at a French press.

What makes French Pressed coffee so unique is that it doesn’t use a filter, like a traditional drip coffee maker does.  It’s filter-less, which many connoisseurs prefer because it allows the essential oils and the full flavor of the coffee bean to come through in the brewed drink.  Coffee presses provide coffee that is fuller and more robust in flavor than your everyday drip coffee.  If you’re not into stronger coffees and you prefer a lighter style, using a coffee press is a better way to enjoy that roast of coffee, too.  A lighter roast typically exhibits a clearer flavor characteristic than a darker roast.  Darker roasts, on the other hand, are more popular.  Either way, using a press can simply make your preferred coffee better.

Paper filters used in drip coffee makers remove many of the essential oils.  A press doesn’t and provides you a different flavor as the grounds are pressed to the bottom and separated from the drink itself without the use of a bleached-out filter.  This allows for the true flavor of the bean to actually come through and not be inhibited or impeded.

Besides the better flavor and essential oils, another benefit is a reduction in paper filters so it’s eco-friendly.  And, your French Press is something you can take with you when you are camping, traveling or simply on the go.  Hotel coffee, for example, is awful.  So if you’re traveling, save yourself the trouble and use your Coffee Press instead to guarantee your cup of coffee is exactly the way you like it.