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Airscape® Kilo Coffee Canister

Coffee Scoop - 2 Tbsp.

Designed to have heft, durability and delightful balance while fitting perfectly inside of your Airscape® Measures out 2 Tbs. (30 mL) of ground coffee or tea. Great for baking too. It’s the perfect scoop!

Durably crafted with 18/8, restaurant grade stainless steel.


The Kilo is our largest version of the original Airscape® coffee and food storage canister. Made with galvanized steel and coated with a food-safe matte painted finish, so your stored goods remain fresh.

This Airscape® bulk storage containers hold a whole kilogram of coffee beans, or re-fill it with 5lb flour, 5lb brown sugar, 2.5lb granola, 3lb oats, and 7.5lb popcorn kernels.

Measures: 6.5″w x 8″ h

Store A Full Kilo Of Coffee With Our Large Airscape® Kilo Coffee Canister

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Airscape® technology features a patented plunger lid designed to fit snugly against the inside of the tea and coffee canisters. As the Airscape® lid is pressed down, the oxygen is forced out through a two-way valve. Once the plunger is directly above the contents, flip the handle down to prevent further oxygen exchange & dramatically increase the shelf life of your stored goods.

line drawing of the airscapes inner lid

Read here why MSN said the Airscape Kilo is “the perfect present for the coffee connoisseur.”


Ash (Matte Gray), Chalk (Matte White), Charcoal (Matte Black)

31 reviews for Airscape® Kilo Coffee Canister

  1. Pam Nurczyk (verified owner)

    I really like the large Kilo for flour, sugar and coffee beans. Everything stays fresh.

  2. Brian M. (verified owner)

    Rural life has access to fresh places to enjoy coffee but not always access to fresh coffee. The kilo affords me fresh coffee in fresh places. With the kilo I can order enough coffee on a regular schedule to maximize access to fresh beans.

  3. Haley (verified owner)

    We buy 2.5lb bags of coffee from another state and noticed that 2/3 of the way in, the beans just weren’t as good. This solved all of our problems, plus it’s a handsome addition to the countertop. It is quite large, so make sure that you measure your space to make sure it won’t be too crowded.

  4. Sophia (verified owner)

    I love the size of the Airscape Kilo. It is big enough to store two unopened one pound bags coffee keeping them away from air and light which the proper way to store coffee. I have also purchased the kilo to store rice, oatmeal and many other kitchen food items and they are great. I also love, love the new black and white matte colors. It would be great if these were also made in square size which would fit better inside tight, smaller kitchen cabinets.

  5. Hyeon-taek Jeong (verified owner)

    Well done, large.
    Excellent for storing protein supplements, instant oat powder, and rolled oats.
    If the powder is about 2/3 full, it is easy to open the inner lid with one hand.

  6. C. (verified owner)

    Great seal, beautiful design, and matte finish. I wish there was an option/design for the lid to have a knob or some sort of tab to make it possible to open with one hand on the counter. I am not enjoying having to lift the container off the counter with both hands to open.

  7. LanceM (verified owner)

    This is the solution if you order 2.5 lbs of coffee beans and want them to stay fresh. Simple, attractive, and functional.

  8. Bill Riley

    Just bought

    • Sarah

      We’re excited to hear what you think!

  9. Skywalker (verified owner)

    I love the look of them and I appreciate that I can streamline my containers for my dry goods. I am excited to use them in my new space!

  10. Chris Faulk (verified owner)

    We bought some rum barrel aged whole bean coffee on our honeymoon in Maine. We didn’t want it to go stale so we left the bag sealed and purchased these containers. Absolutely love the design and how it keeps our coffee beans fresh!

  11. Gary Pandolfi (verified owner)

    These containers keep roasted coffee or whatever you wish fresh for months. I recommend several, so you don’t run out of space when you do a large roasting.

  12. Sasha (verified owner)

    I bought the large size canister for my husband to hold his coffee. He loves the design and the size. It is perfect to hold the amount of coffee he buys and will keep it fresh for a very long time. Thinking of getting more.

  13. Barbara (verified owner)

    The Airscape Kilo is excellent for storing flour, oats, grains, beans, cereal and of course coffee beans. The seal is great and keeps everything fresh.

  14. Sam Thompson (verified owner)

    love the larger size. keeps coffee beans fresh and is a great design

  15. Susan Labrthe (verified owner)

    Loved the Regular, so ordered the Large for when I have more than a pound of coffee beans to keep fresh. Does a great job. (The scoop handle does slide under the handle of the inner lid & get stuck sometimes.)

  16. Joshua (verified owner)

    I bought one for my girlfriend who drinks a lot of coffee, probably at least a pound a week. She really loves it and even though she isn’t a “coffee person” like I am, she notices the difference in freshness, even with how quickly she consumes it (it is ground so that can stale a lot quicker). I’m going to order another so she can have her daily coffee in one and something special in the other. She’s happy so I’m happy; very glad I found such a large, vacuum container.

  17. LaDonna Jackson (verified owner)

    The large is perfect for 2 1/2 pounds of whole bean coffee; it’s always kept it fresh.

  18. Haley (verified owner)

    Keeps my coffee so fresh!

  19. Joshua (verified owner)

    My girlfriend loves these kilo containers so I’ve bought her a second and I’m going to order myself a medium Airscape Glass. Even if you only buy ground coffee and consume it quickly, I think you’ll still notice a difference in freshness over time with these.

  20. Charles Royal (verified owner)

    This container is used to store two pounds of coffee and holds it with room to spare. The coffee stays fresh with the air lock system works perfectly. The grey goes nicely with my ‘Fogbuster’ coffee.

  21. William (verified owner)

    I love the size and design details of the Airscape Kilo and recommend it highly. One slight improvement would be a knob on the top cover so that it could be opened with one hand, rather than requiring two. It would also be great if the same canister were sold, but without the inner sealing plunger (we have other bulk items, such as sugar, that don’t need the freshness seal, and it would be great to be able use similar canisters for them all.)

  22. Tim (verified owner)

    Your products are the best available for quality and maintaining freshness. The delivery process took three days longer than estimated, which was a little disappointing considering the delivery cost. Nevertheless, your products remain the absolute best option for maintaining dry food items.

  23. Dara (verified owner)

    Saw the medium size one at my fathers house and loved it. Bought two for my husband!!

  24. J Steck (verified owner)

    I’m impressed with this design. It’s clean looking and simple, and keeps everything fresh. The Kilo is great for Flour and Sugar. I wish there were more colors!

  25. Eric Chiu (verified owner)

    Very well built product. I used it to store two to three 8-10oz bags of Kona coffee. The Airspace really keeps my coffee fresh and removes any excess air that causes oxidation. The build quality of this container is stellar. Stainless steel build with solid, airtight lids. Definitely well worth the price and they truly stand behind their products.

  26. Pascal Renucci (verified owner)

    Love this stylish coffee canister. Practical, solidly built. Complements my 32-oz Airscape nicely.

  27. royalclan (verified owner)

    This large container does and excellent job of maintaining the freshness of 2 lbs of coffee for two months and more. Highly recommended.

  28. alan_kearney (verified owner)

    We really REALLY like this large size bin for our roasted coffee beans. We need to buy one more to store our next six pound purchase of fresh coffee beans.
    It’s well designed, very well made and with simple instructions to release the Airscape cap.

    • Dane Gillespie

      Alan! Thank you for the review. Seems like you love the Kilo AND the Lite. That is fantastic.

  29. Ruth Simmons (verified owner)

    R. Simmons (verified owner) July 20, 2021
    The design of this Airscape canister is awesome!! It keeps our coffee beans fresh. You can also store legumes, beans, flour, etc. and they will remain fresh with no bugs.

  30. Ruth Simmons (verified owner)

    R. Simmons (verified owner – July 20, 2022) This Airscape is a beautiful storage container, especially on our kitchen countertop!! Very Smart design since our brown sugar is soft. No more pounding of the hard rock brown sugar from other storage containers. We bought the white and grey ones also for our coffee beans and have given a few of these as birthday and Christmas presents for loved ones. They too have thoroughly enjoyed theirs.

  31. jaedelman (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a sample coffee roaster. These Kilo Airscape storage containers are perfect for the larger roasts we are doing. Functional and beautiful! Well done Planetary!

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