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We’ve revolutionized the French press with superior durability, heat retention and now the Bru-Stop™ press screen, so your coffee will stay hot, fresh and never bitter. No more replacing glass when you accidentally drop your press. Enjoy French pressed coffee at home, the office, by the campfire, RV-ing, van-going… where will you brew?

  • medium – 32 fl.oz. (approx. 4 cups)
  • large – 48 fl.oz. (approx. 6 cups)



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French Press - Sizes

Size US
Small 20 fl.oz. (approx. 2 cups)
Medium 32 fl.oz. (approx. 4 cups)
Large 48 fl.oz. (approx. 6 cups)


These stylish French presses serve up an amazing brew, with a double-wall, vacuum-sealed exterior which provides superior insulation and durability over traditional glass French Press models. With the patented Bru-Stop™ press screen, the extraction process is halted once pressed down, resulting in an amazingly fresh tasting cup, from the first sip, to the last. The Bru-Stop™ features a precisely placed barrier plate that hovers over the French press screen.  It allows the brewed coffee (or tea) to freely flow until fully pressed down. Then the plate recesses into the ultra-fine mesh screen frame and creates a physical barrier between the grounds and brewed coffee. This halts the brewing process and prevents coffee from becoming over-extracted, and bitter – no matter how long you let the coffee stay in the French Press.

A little info:  French pressing coffee is the one of the purest ways to extract the flavor profile the coffee roaster intended. Be sure to use coarse coffee grounds, adding about 2 Tablespoons for every 8 ounces of water.  Pour over with clean, filtered, almost-boiling water (nobody likes scorched coffee!) and let steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on strength preference. Press, pour, and enjoy! Coffee lovers will love tracking their coffee’s flavors in the 33 Cups Of Coffee journal, and don’t forget the Coffee Scoop for precise measuring and brewing.

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  • Constructed of double-walled, vacuum-insulated, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel
  • Patented plunger press and ultra-fine, stainless steel mesh screen
  • Double filtration system ensuring an exceptionally clean brew
  • Brushed steel or high gloss, scratch-resistant finish
  • Hand-wash recommended
Reviews (14)

14 reviews for French Press with Bru-Stop™

  1. Marla

    I have been using my Planetary Design 32oz French Press in Green Tea for six years. The design and construction of this press is perfect. The filter and filter housing strain the grounds perfectly with no leaks. It is impossible to have a completely sediment-free cup of French Press coffee, but I have owned many different French Press coffee makers in my life and this one has been the best for producing the least amount of silt. The Candy Apple Red color was not yet available when I bought my unit and I keep hoping something will go wrong with it so that I can get that color. Alas, my Green Tea press is so well-constructed that I have not had reason to justify another purchase. I seriously cannot recommend this product and the company highly enough.

  2. Nanci M.

    I have used nothing except French presses since I first tried one twenty years ago. About three years ago, though, I was given one of your French presses as a birthday gift (Candy Apple red, 20 oz.) and am quite pleased with it. It was the first I knew of your company. Not only do I recommend your French presses to others, I myself would buy the next one.

  3. Margie Rademaker

    After going through a lot of glass french presses I finally upgraded to your french press, that was 5 yrs ago and it is still going strong. It’s been camping on road trips and is used everyday at home, hands down the best french press you can buy.

  4. Gus Nepstad

    This product is the bomb.. I have had mine for over 8 years.. Makes the best coffee and never breaks..

  5. Bruce W. (verified owner)

    We bought the 48 oz coffee press several years ago, and have loved it!

    Recently we bought two more (one for the camper and one for a friend). We had a little problem, and contacted Parker for a resolution. Not only did he respond quickly, but he came up with a resolution for us. Suffice to say that this company cares about it’s customers, and has fantastic customer service! This is very rare in this day and age, and a welcome change.

    I would buy from them again (and again)!

  6. Jo May

    Hi there! I just used my Planetary Design french press for the first time this weekend, while camping. Honestly, it is the BEST french press while out in the woods! I was so impressed by how warm it kept my coffee (this was always a drawback to enjoying a good cup of coffee when camping). I used to wrap my traditional french press in a towel in an attempt to keep the carafe warm but now, my new Planetary Design french press keeps a great temperature for a long time! Additionally, the flavor of my coffee was never compromised and I enjoyed more than one cup of hot coffee every morning. I also love the rubber bottom on your french press – keeps it in place. Thanks for making such a great product for the great outdoors – and indoors, too!

  7. Michele R (verified owner)

    Our Planetary Design press pot turned 12 years old today. It’s rolled across the USA 11 times in 4 years when we were bi-coastal, when gas was cheaper. You guys have the best press pots in the world! I don’t know how we drank coffee before we found you.

  8. Bob R.

    this is by far the best french press coffee pot I have ever used! Keeps it hot for a very long time. the filter system is great also. I wanted to get the candy apple red one but the picture looks more orange than red? I have the stainless steel one. thanks for a great cup of coffee!

  9. knightclan6

    I have loved my press from you for over 10 years now. Today is the first day I am replacing any of the parts. I need a new top lid and internal screen. I can not imagine life without this pot. I feel I have become a coffee snob as I no longer can handle brewed coffee at all. Thank you for this game-changing pot!

  10. Alison Kreiss

    I bought my periwinkle Planetary Designs french press when my son was a baby. Now he’s driving and I’m finally getting a replacement. It’s been a good run. Thanks for making a durable, quality product.

  11. Chrystal Young

    We have been a big fan of these French press for over 5 years. We buy them to put on board on sailing trips along with our custom brand of coffee. We have at least seven right now and will be buying more soon!

  12. Cynthia L Marsden

    Love this French press so much that whenever I go away I take it with me. Have had mine for almost 5 years.

  13. Lea Obermeyer

    We have owned the large stainless french press for 7 rugged years of fulltime transatlantic sailing and can’t rave enough about it. No glass to break, inulated so my coffee stays hot for hours and the wide base makes it stable while everything else on the boat is tipping over! Thank you so much for such a great product.

  14. Bob Wilshusen (verified owner)

    The medium size press worked like a pro on it’s first car camping trip. Coffee is easy to make, and tastes fantastic. The double wall design keeps it hot down to the last cup. Hint: For added heat retention, stuff the end of a paper towel into the spout between pours. Built like a tank and pretty much unbreakable. I plan on bringing my press on all of my future car and wilderness canoe camping adventures.

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