Starter Kit - Brewery

What's Included?

– 2 Cases of 64 fl oz Growlers (12 units)

– 4 Cases of 32 fl oz Crowlers (24 units)

– 1 Case of Promo Pints (48 units)

– 3 Cases of Coldies (36 units)

– All in Black or Red Rock

Receive 18% off Wholesale Price when Choosing the “Without Branding” Option
Receive 29% off Wholesale Price when Choosing the “With Branding” Option

*must order all products in the starter kit

BruTrekker 64 fl oz Growler and 32 fl oz Crowler

For staying hydrated on the trails or filling with your beverage of choice, the BruTrekker Bottle has you covered. The dual-lid technology gives your customers the option to enjoy their drink the way they want! Remove the primary lid for an optimal sipping experience or the secondary lid for refilling, pouring, or gulping your drink. Double-wall vacuum insulated and made with stainless steel to keep your drink cold (or hot) for hours.

Promo Pints

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Promo pints are a great space-saving, sustainable drinkware option for breweries. Get rid of single-use, plastic water refill cups and switch to these eco-friendly, reusable cups your customers can appreciate.

Can Coldies

The Can Coldies are one of our hottest products… wait, we mean cold! They keep canned drinks cold and are available in 3 sizes (12 fl. oz, 12 fl oz (slim), and 16 fl. oz). Make sure your customers enjoy their favorite canned drink with the Can Coldie.

Remember, when choosing the “With Branding” option below, you save an extra 8% off the wholesale price. With this option, The Airscape Classic 4″ and 7″, Adventure Tumbler and Steel Toe 3.0 will include your branding on the product.
*must order all products included in the Starter Kit